Week of Nov. 4-10, 2018
As oil and gas development moves forward in Broomfield, you can expect frequent updates, information and public engagement opportunities through this email and the redesigned website, Broomfield.org/oilandgas.  

Highlands Natural Resources Corporation Spacing Unit Applications Filed
Highlands Natural Resources Corporation filed five drilling and spacing unit applications, and 62 Form 2 applications with the COGCC. Read more...

COGCC Comments Regarding  the Interchange B 
Form 2 Well Permits 
Staff filed comments with COGCC regarding three of the Interchange B Form 2 well permits.  View the staff comments.

Comments Filed with Weld County on the Badger Central Gathering Facility
Staff filed comments with Weld County regarding the Badger Central Gathering Facility.  View the commentsRead more information on the Badger Central Gathering Facility.

Odor Complaint Received on Nov. 6, 2018
The City and County of Broomfield responds to an odor complaint near the Thunder Vista School in Anthem Highlands received on Nov. 6, 2018. View letter of response.

Public Notice - Saturday and Holiday Pipeline Work
Installation of a pipeline gathering system (indicated by the colored line in the map below) will facilitate future delivery of produced oil, gas, and water from well sites to processing/delivery sites outside of Broomfield. The pipeline installation will occur in phases.

Location of Upcoming Construction Activity: The work permits will allow installation of Segments 1 and 2 (S1 and S2) and Crossing 1 (C1) of the pipeline generally located south of Northwest Parkway, west and south of Sheridan Parkway, and west of Lowell Boulevard as shown in the map below.

What to expect during construction : All access and construction activity will be within a 100 foot temporary work easement area along the pipeline corridor. Initial operations will include clearing the pipeline construction area of vegetation and grading the surface, followed by trenching and pipeline installation equipment, along with welding, inspections, and pressure testing. Finally, the work area will be backfilled and reclaimed to establish new surface vegetation. During this pipeline installation a variety of equipment is utilized, an example is shown in the equipment section of this document.

Estimated Schedule : Initial construction is expected to continue over the next few weeks including Saturdays, Nov. 10 and 17, and Veterans Day, Nov. 12. These sections/crossings are expected to be completed within 1 to 2 months after commencement of activities. Per City and County of Broomfield (CCOB) Standards and Specifications, all work within CCOB boundaries must have an approved permit. The approved permits allow work to be performed between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., Monday through Friday. Any and all work outside of these hours and days require a Saturday/Holiday work permit. Saturday/Holiday work permit approval is dependent upon the work that needs to be completed and the availability of inspection and/or third party test engineers. The Saturday/Holiday work permits only allow for work to be performed between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. These work hours are strictly enforced with the possible exception of when work is being conducted in areas remote from residences, and only at the discretion of the CCOB inspector.

(Exact start dates, and duration of construction is estimated and subject to change based on a variety of issues like permit approval, contractor availability and weather.)

Contact : If you should have any questions regarding this activity, please do not hesitate to contact Extraction at 720.974.7740.

Additional information regarding Oil and Gas Development in Broomfield is available at Broomfield.org/oilandgas

Gas Leak at 152nd and Huron
On Friday, Nov. 9, North Metro Fire Rescue Department (NMFRD) responded to a reported gas leak at 152nd and Huron.  Xcel and NMFRD were at the scene.  This does not appear to be oil and gas related.

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