Week of Dec. 16-22, 2018
As oil and gas development moves forward in Broomfield, you can expect frequent updates, information and public engagement opportunities through this email and the redesigned website, Broomfield.org/oilandgas.  
Equipment to be Moved to Interchange A&B Pads
E quipment will be moved onto the Interchange A&B pads later this week to begin construction of the access drive and well pad on the Interchange B pad. It is anticipated that larger equipment will be moved onto the Interchange A&B pad beginning on Dec. 26, with construction of those pads to begin thereafter.  View additional information on what you can expect to see.

Notices Sent on Hearing at the COGCC to Designate the Broomfield County Commons as a Designated Outside Activity Area (DOAA)
As was mentioned in the December Oil and Gas Update, Broomfield sent out a required notice on the hearing at the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) to designate the Broomfield County Commons (BCC) and a buffer around the BCC as a Designated Outside Activity Area (DOAA).  If the DOAA designation is granted by the COGCC, no surface oil and gas development can take place in the DOAA. The notice, which can be viewed here, was sent on Dec. 20, 2018, to mineral and property owners in the DOAA area (BCC and a 350 foot buffer around the BCC).  The notice includes a map of the area, notice of the upcoming Jan. 28 and 29 hearing on the DOAA, a contact at Broomfield for questions, and a recitation of the pertinent COGCC rule.

The COGCC Voted to Adopt a Rule Amending Setbacks Near Schools
This week the COGCC voted to adopt a rule amending how setbacks are established for schools, future schools planned to be constructed in the next 3 years from the date an operator files an application for a new oil and gas location, and  licensed child care centers.  The rule establishes a 1,000 foot setback from the boundary of school facilities, including outdoor areas and playing fields owned by the school or adjacent to the school.  The rule changes current law by ensuring that outdoor areas and playing fields are protected by the 1,000 foot setback.  Current rules only require a 1,000 ft. setback from a school building.  The rule reflects a consensus proposal supported by the school boards, participating school districts, LOGIC, Broomfield, Boulder County, and Lafayette, environmental groups, Conservation Colorado, and industry.  The rules will go into effect immediately upon being published by the Secretary of State.  View the  final rules  and  statement of basis .

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