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As oil and gas development moves forward in Broomfield, you can expect frequent updates, information and public engagement opportunities through this email and the redesigned website, Broomfield.org/oilandgas.  
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Air Monitoring Public Portal Goes Live
Broomfield's  air quality monitoring program was created to monitor Broomfield's air quality related to oil and gas development and operations in the city and county of Broomfield. The program was a key focus of the Oil and Gas Chapter of Broomfield's Comprehensive Plan as well as the Extraction Operator Agreement's Best Management Practices (BMPs). 

This portal will visually compare collected  air quality data with accepted health standards  and provide context associated with potential impacts of oil and gas industry emissions and other  emission sources. This data will allow productive conversations to continue related to increasingly urbanized oil and gas activity.  

Broomfield has partnered with Ajax Analytics and Colorado State University's (CSU) Department of Atmospheric Science to create the air monitoring program and website. CSU provides extensive knowledge and experience in air quality - particularly regarding oil and gas emissions and the unique pollutant patterns in Colorado.

Local air monitoring started in October 2018 and is planned to continue through 2022.