Week of May 26 - June 1, 2019
As oil and gas development moves forward in Broomfield, you can expect frequent updates, information and public engagement opportunities through this email and the redesigned website, Broomfield.org/oilandgas.  
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Prehearing Statement Filed by Broomfield, Boulder County and Lafayette
The Oil and Gas Conservation Commission of the State of Colorado is considering amendments to the Commission Rules of Practice and Procedure. These statutory amendments provide that the Commission may appoint administrative law judges to conduct hearings, and amend the evidentiary requirements for pooling and drilling and spacing unit applications. Broomfield has party status to this proceeding and has filed a prehearing statement, along with Boulder County and Lafayette (Allied Local Governments), in the COGCC 500 Series procedural rulemaking process. The allied local government prehearing statement in the COGCC 500 Series procedural rulemaking process can be viewed here.

Nordstrom 3-9 Well Site Remediation of Soil Contamination
The public notice on the Nordstrom 3-9 remediation of soil contamination found during plugging and abandoning of this legacy well can be viewed here. The soil remediation is complete and has been approved by COGCC.

Interchange B Drilling Update
Extraction is currently drilling the eighth well at the Interchange B Pad. The drilling of this well is expected to be completed May 30, 2019. Under the Operator Agreement, drilling on the Livingston Pad can only be commenced after the first eight wells have been drilled on the Interchange Pads. Section 10 of the Operator Agreement requires that the Operator drill at least eight wells at one of the Interchange Pads before it begins drilling at any other well site. It also requires that the operator finishes the Completion Phase at the first eight or more wells at the Interchange Pad before it begins the Completion Phase at any other Well Site. Finally, it prohibits the operator from beginning to drill at any Well Site after December 31, 2022.