Week of Jan. 20-26, 2019
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Construction Hold Clarification for Interchange  A & B Pads
At the January 22, 2019, Council Meeting, the oil and gas update included information that the construction on the pads and the pipeline were currently on hold due to Broomfield's request that Extraction complete the baseline noise studies on the Northwest A & B Pads and the Livingston Pad before construction continues.

Construction of the Interchange A & B access road and pad is continuing as the collection of noise data in this area is complete.  It should be noted that the construction activities associated with the pipeline and the Interchange A & B Pads have been properly permitted.  The pipeline does not require a baseline noise study and the baseline noise study for Interchange A & B was completed and submitted to Broomfield  previously. As a point of clarification, permitted construction on the pipeline continues, but only when sound readings are not being taken. (If construction continued while the noise monitoring project is being performed, it could impact the sound levels.)

Construction on the Livingston Pad, Northwest A & B Pads, United Pad, and the haul road will not begin until Extraction submits the required baseline noise monitoring studies.   

Some citizens have reported construction activity at the Livingston Pad yesterday.  Per Broomfield's Construction Supervisor in the field, there is currently no construction on the Livingston Pad. There is on-going construction on the permitted Segment 1 of the pipeline.

COGCC DOAA Hearing Continued
The COGCC hearing on Broomfield's application to designate the Broomfield County Commons as a Designated Outside Activity Area (DOAA) has been continued to March 11 and 12 by the COGCC.  (More information on the DOAA can be viewed here .)  This hearing was previously scheduled for January 28 and 29.

Public Notice for Pipeline Work on Section 11
Installation of a pipeline gathering system (indicated by the colored line in the map below) will facilitate future delivery of produced oil, gas, and water from well sites to processing/delivery sites outside of Broomfield. The pipeline installation will occur in phases.  It is anticipated that work on Section 11 will start January 25, 2019.  The full public notice, including a map of the area, can be viewed here.