Week of Feb. 17-23, 2019
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Contract for Noise Monitoring Signed
The City and County of Broomfield signed a contract on February 21, 2019, with Vibra-Tech to provide continuous noise monitoring at new oil and gas sites.  Initially, they will be deployed at the Interchange and Livingston pads in early March, prior to the start of drilling operations. Other stations will be deployed at the other sites as drilling operations get closer.  All of the monitoring stations will be able to monitor for dBA and dBC. An alert system will also be established so that Broomfield staff are notified when a certain noise threshold is reached so that it can be investigated.  In addition, noise 'spikes' are recorded so that the recording can be evaluated to determine the source of the noise (e.g., airplane, birds, etc.). Finally, the baseline noise monitoring reports will be sent to Vibra-Tech this afternoon for them to review and provide any input they may have.

More information about Vibra-Tech is available on their website.  A link to the site is provided for your convenience here https://www.geosonicsvibratech.com/

DNV GL, USA Risk Assessment Presentation
The final  DNV-GL report identifying risks and associated mitigation measures for each risk was presented to City Council by representatives of DNV GL USA (DNV-GL) at the February 19, 2019, Study Session to present the final report.  DNV-GL's powerpoint can be viewed here .

In October 2018, Broomfield contracted with DNV GL USA (DNV-GL) to conduct a risk assessment of Extraction's well sites:
  • To identify risks and mitigation measures associated with those risks;
  • To identify risks associated with recent oil and gas incidents in other parts of Colorado and any additional mitigation measures;
  • To own a professional third party risk assessment associated with a new oil and gas development to use further in policy efforts; and
  • To identify other mitigation measures that should be added to Broomfield's regulations.
DNV-GL is a global quality assurance and risk management company.  The agreement with DNV-GL authorized them to conduct a hazard identification (HAZID) process for the Extraction oil and gas well sites.  View the Study Session memo, including the risk assessment report here .

Update on the Nordstrom 3-9 Well Plugging and Abandoning
This is an update on the Nordstrom 3-9 well pad plugging and abandoning.  Extraction is currently in the process of plugging and abandoning the Nordstrom 3-9 well site in Broomfield.  Please see the original public notice  here . Extraction's redevelopment plan and Operator Agreement with Broomfield is allowing the opportunity to permanently remove multiple older wells within Broomfield and its neighboring communities. The Nordstrom 3-9 well is one of 42 wells that will be removed.  These older wells have tanks and many are in close proximity to homes.

The crew expects to complete the plugging and abandonment activities in the the near future and could possibly move the workover rig off of the site as early as Monday, February 25th.   The rig will be moved east across the Nordstrom /Davis Open Space along the permitted pipeline easement to Huron.

Livingston Pad Construction Update
Staff is providing this update to Council and on the oil and gas webpage regarding the status of Livingston pad construction.  Extraction is currently in the process of constructing the access drive for the Livingston Pad Site in Broomfield. Please see the original public notice here.  Extraction's subcontractor, Lone Tree, is working under the Broomfield issued grading permit, doing the work required to complete the access drive, and at the same time moving dirt and beginning construction of the pad.  Both activities need to be done simultaneously. Due to constraint of the site, soils on the site will need to be stockpiled as the access drive construction is accomplished. Stockpiled soils will then be used for the pad construction. As previously mentioned in the original public notice, construction is expected to continue through March and into April.