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Oil and Gas Update - August 27, 2019
Please view the August 27, 2019, Oil and Gas update here.

Notice of Maintenance on Emission Control Device for the Carlson 1-24 well
Extraction Oil and Gas is planning to perform maintenance work at the Carlson 1-24 well site in Broomfield. The public notice, which includes additional information and a map of the location of the Carlson 1-24 well, can be viewed here. This work is currently scheduled to begin the week of August 26, 2019, and will consist of performing maintenance activities on the emission control device.

Maintenance Work at the VARRA 21-1 Oil and Gas
Extraction Oil and Gas (Extraction) is planning to perform routine maintenance work at the Varra 21-1 oil and gas well site in Broomfield. The public notice contains additional information and a map of the Varra 21-1 location.

Northwest A Pad - Notices of Spud
On August 26, Broomfield received the 48-hour Notice of Spud for eight wells (see list below) on the Northwest A Pad. All eight of these wells have been permitted by COGCC (i.e. the Form 2s have been approved). These eight wells are all that are planned for the Northwest A Pad.

Northwest A S20-25-6N
Northwest A S20-25-7N
Northwest A S20-25-8C
Northwest A S20-25-9N
Northwest A S20-25-10N
Northwest A S20-25-11C
Northwest A S20-25-12N
Northwest A S20-25-13N

Scheduled Maintenance Work at Sharp 2-10 Oil and Gas Facility
Extraction Oil and Gas (Extraction) is planning to perform maintenance work at the Sharp 2-10 well site in Broomfield. The notice ( linked here) includes additional information, including a map of the Sharp 2-10 well location. The maintenance operation at the Sharp 2-10 will be the removal of the previously placed bridge plug and returning the well to production.

Water Sale Negotiations with Extraction Ended
The City and County of Broomfield is no longer negotiating with Extraction for the potential sale of Broomfield water to the operator for the limited purpose of reducing truck traffic associated with the hauling of water from outside the City to the well sites for drilling operations. Those negotiations have ceased as the parties could not reach agreement and Extraction was unwilling to commit in writing to continue to provide Tier 4 engines for all completions operations and to use Neoflo synthetic drilling mud or a comparable low VOC mud (IOGP Group III) that is comparable in eliminating odors, for all drilling operations. Broomfield remains committed to continuing to insist that Extraction continue to use the Tier 4 engines and Neoflo drilling mud or Extraction agrees to use Neoflo drilling mud or a comparable low VOC mud (IOGP Group III) that is comparable in eliminating odors, for their ongoing operations.

Watch Video of Community Workshop - Give Your Feedback on Revised Regulations
Watch this video of the community coming together to enhance Broomfield's current oil and gas regulations at a Community Workshop held August 28 focusing on environmental and nuisance issues. Couldn't make the workshop? Give your feedback online and find more ways to join the conversation through BroomfieldVoice.com/OilandGas.

Extraction Considering Changing Synthetic Drilling Mud
Extraction has informed Broomfield that they are considering changing to another synthetic drilling mud called EDC 170, in the next 3 weeks. Broomfield has been very clear with Extraction, that changing the drilling mud to any type of mud that is not proven to produce the same outcomes - as safe or safer (the composition of ingredients), similar or better odor release, is not acceptable.

We have formally requested that COGCC review Broomfield's concerns. The staff has reviewed the Total products website and it claims that the product is odorless. COGCC suggests that we request a sample to determine if there is odor and to request that we request additional information from the company that produces the drilling mud, which we have done. Staff is also reviewing the Safety Data Sheet for this proposed drilling mud and will follow-up on questions with Extraction and the company that makes the drilling mud.

Staff will continue to pursue answers to our concerns and push Extraction not to implement any changes unless they do not increase odors or adversely impact health and safety. Additionally, the Operator Agreement is silent to any notification regarding operational changes (drilling mud and/or usage of Tier 4 quiet fleet) - the recent heads-up was a 'courtesy'. Staff will provide updates frequently as this communication continues. 

Soil/Gas Testing Results
In response to the City Council and the community's request, Broomfield's Oil and Gas Division continues their soil/gas testing program of plugged and abandoned oil and gas wells in Broomfield. The soil gas testing program is ongoing with Broomfield's consultant, ERO Resources Corporation (ERO), having tested 23 of the 49 plugged and abandoned wells.

During the performance of soil gas testing on the plugged and abandoned wells, one well sample for the Davis 43-6 well included a high soil (subsurface) methane level. A map showing the location of the well can be viewed here. It is worth noting the surrounding three plugged and abandoned wells showed no elevated readings.

All appropriate parties, including the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC), Xcel and North Metro Fire & Rescue Department (NMFRD), have been notified and staff will continue to report the results of investigations. On August 30, 2019, the NMFRD did test the air in the closest structures in the area, which are under construction, and did not detect the presence of methane. Because this is a subsurface emission, staff does not believe this will pose any increased risk to the public and no residents have been impacted. Staff will provide an update next week.

Next steps include:
  • Based upon direction from the COGCC, once ERO obtains permission from the developers/builders, which has been requested, further soil gas testing will be conducted promptly by Broomfield's contractor;
  • Broomfield will share all test results with the COGCC for review and decision as to source of emissions and any necessary repairs to the plug and abandoned well; and
  • Broomfield is following up with Xcel and NMFRD to determine whether or not this is an emission from an Xcel gas line.
If you have questions with regard to this information, please call the Oil and Gas Division at 303.464.5153.