Dear Fellow Congregants,
The Rabbinic Search Task Force continues to push forward in the search for our congregation’s next Senior Rabbi. Following a delayed application process from CCAR, which was released in late June, the task force quickly reviewed, updated and submitted our application. After review and discussion with the CCAR, our application was made live to all candidates.   

First Round of Applications 
During the first round of applications, we received eight well qualified candidates from CCAR. We held an initial one-hour zoom conversation with six of these candidates, and the task force is now reviewing these candidates. Two additional applications were recently submitted for review, and we will soon have initial conversations with them. It is our understanding from CCAR’s placement director, Rabbi Enger, that we will receive additional applications.   

Next Steps 
After the initial conversations are held, a group of task force members are completing a deep dive into the resumes, websites, and posted sermons of the candidates. They are also submitting additional questions for written responses.  

Every step of the way, the task force makes decisions based on a predetermined scoring rubric. Internal discussion, guided by this rubric, help us reach the decisions on which candidates will proceed to the next steps. Following this process, the task force will invite a small group of applicants back to present on a selected topic to the entire task force. At that time, candidates will also begin meeting with additional constituent groups within the congregational community.   

After that process, the task force will make the determination as to a final selection of possible candidates - or a single candidate - to invite to Kansas City. Per the rules of the CCAR, no in-person interviews or travel is currently allowed until 1/1/2021 due to COVID safety precautions. Our plan is to bring the final candidate, or candidates, to Kansas City in early January.  

The Rabbinic Search Task Force has been able to adjust and adapt in these interesting times and will continue to do so to ensure The Temple, Congregation B'nai Jehudah's next Senior Rabbi is the best fit for our current and future needs. 

We have been using interior photo shots of our building during our interviews so that the candidates have a feel for our congregational space. We are continuing to update our website as we are very aware that the candidates are going to our site to learn more about us. 

There seems to be a common misconception about Kansas City and what it has to offer … we know differently! Our friendly, welcoming community, affordable housing, vibrant arts and culture scene, museums, restaurants, quality education, a wealth of Jewish agency resources, sports teams, colleges and universities, walking and biking trails and the state’s natural beauty make KC a great place to live and raise a family.  

We anticipate many qualified candidates for this very desirable pulpit. 

Thank you for your ongoing support of our work. We look forward to sharing more in the coming months. 

Most Sincerely,  
Zach Bassin 
Chair – Rabbinic Search Task Force 
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