Dear Friend,

We have been so blessed to see some of you at church over the past few weeks and cannot wait until we can all be worshipping together again!

We're so thankful for the generous and faithful giving as people lean into the Lord to fulfill their pledges, allowing us to stay on track. We trust God to provide the resources we need to complete the project according to plan.

If you haven't driven by the church lately, we would encourage you to come check out the steel beams that are rising high in the sky and forming our new Worship Center.

Please continue to pray for safety on the job site throughout construction. Also continue to pray for the schedule as we progress toward our goal of completing our Worship Center before the end of the year.

In Christ,

Pastor Tim Matthias


  • for the salvation of all those working on the project who do not know Christ
  • for the health and safety of all workers on the construction site
  • for God's continued provision for this project