Xilinx B3 TI Renovation 
San Jose, CA
About the project....

SC Builders, along with Noll & Tam Architects, introduces an updated style to the Silicon Valley tech company's HQ campus though this renovation project. The 90,000 sq. ft. remodel was completed while keeping the existing data and fitness centers entirely operational. Work included a new lobby, featured conference room, and an entire roof replacement to accommodate new solar panels, skylights, and roof monitors.
The team kept environmental responsibility at the forefront of the project which is seen in the:
  • Custom steel awnings for new solar panels which power the building's landscape lighting 
  • 1,600 rooftop solar panel modules that offset the office and mechanical power consumption
  • All new drought tolerant landscaping
  • Energy efficient glass on all exterior windows
  • New roof monitors which allow natural light into the building's inner areas
  • Exterior insulation and rain screen that support energy efficiency of the mechanical system
  • Installation of Big Ass Ceiling Fans that help with air distribution 

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