A Monthly Update from the Desk of Mr. Ricci
Dear Brookfield Academy Parents, 

To begin this month's bulletin, I want to express condolences to the Shane Davis family with the recent passing of Mr. Davis in February. Our sympathy and continued thoughts are with the family, and I thank the Brookfield Academy community for their sincere support during this difficult time.  

I often find the two and half months leading up to Spring Break the most challenging time period of the school year. We begin settling into the new calendar year, the weather is often unpredictable, and truthfully, I can never remember if the groundhog sees his shadow and how many weeks of winter we have remaining. In Wisconsin, we never know how long winter will last, but we do know Spring Break is coming to Brookfield Academy in eight days!   

Spring Break will bring a much deserved vacation from the daily school expectations, not only for our students, but for faculty and families in our community. We all should applaud our students and teachers for their hard work and effort during this term. Students continue to learn through completing nightly homework, preparing for assessments, and following regular classroom routines. I am constantly amazed when watching our students in action and our teachers who make learning fun. 

Upon our return from Spring Break, Brookfield Academy will be transitioning back to pre-COVID health policies, and all classrooms will become “mask optional” for the remainder of the school year. Cases of COVID will be treated as a regular illness, and we will no longer be publishing COVID information in our weekly newsletter. You can still find revised COVID information on the MyBA portal. The measures we've all taken over the last two years have helped us achieve our goal to keep our school open and students learning on campus.

Brookfield Academy continues to respect your decisions regarding your children when on campus. Parents should still monitor health symptoms and keep their children home when sick. Of course, we will communicate if there is a health related concern that needs your immediate attention. Please contact our nurses or your respective Division Head with any questions regarding our COVID changes. Thank you all for your continued support.

Our students are excited for the break. I am especially hopeful that when we return from our time off, we are truly experiencing spring-like conditions! Safe travels and enjoy your two weeks away from school.  

Doug Ricci 
Head of School