Weekly Update Week 8.5-8.11.18
Hi BA56 Parents,

It was great to get to meet some more of you this past Sunday! I am excited to get to be a part of what God has planned for you and your tweens. Keep an eye out for some changes that will be coming out for BA56 in September.

Last week your students learned about walking in wisdom, from Luke 2: 41-52. Ask your tween the difference between knowledge and wisdom! Have a great week!

I look forward to getting to meet those of you i haven't run into yet,
Kobi Martin
By Sarah Anderson
We talk a lot about making the most of your family rhythm. One of the times you can leverage in your daily rhythm is mealtime. Read about other times you can leverage on theparentcue.org

During the younger years mealtime is a circus. As kids get older it becomes a scheduling feat to get everyone around the table. With little to no effort, mealtime can lose any potency it has fairly easily. And that means we have to fight for it. So how do we make mealtime matter?
To start, get around the table. Turn off the TV. Leave your phones on the counter. And start talking. The goal of this time is to establish your family values. Begin by deciding (with your spouse, if you’re married) three values you want to focus on that represent your family. Maybe your kids developing a faith of their own is a given, so think of three other character-based things to complement their faith. Do you want to be a family that celebrates respect? Honesty? Fun? Connection? Communication? Sports? Intelligence? Picking your top three doesn’t mean you don’t see the importance of other values, it just means you are going to work to elevate these three things. Then, use your time at the table to celebrate these things . . .

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See you on Sunday!