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Welcome to BAB's Policy Update for January 2020
We have returned to a new year, a new decade, and momentous times for BAB and the transatlantic community. The stage is set for a new chapter in the US-UK economic relationship, and momentum has grown to remove political uncertainties that dominate our news and agendas - whether it be China, access for Huawei technology, tariffs, or the UK building a future outside the EU. We are ready and look forward to playing our role and being a driver, facilitator, convener and pillar for our members and the wider transatlantic community.
This month's update features some great events and meetings we've run in New York and London, including a roundtable discussion with the Assistant Secretary of State at the U.S. State Department, Manisha Singh, an immigration panel discussion with an expert panel, and two students visits to our London office to talk all things transatlantic trade, sustainability and Brexit.

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BAB London Meets With Assistant Secretary of State, Manisha Singh
16 January 2020

In January, BAB London met with the Assistant Secretary of State, Manisha Singh to receive an update on the U.S. Administration's priorities, and to discuss developments and key issues in the wider transatlantic corridor. We are proud to enjoy such a close relationship with the Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs and the Economic team at the U.S. Embassy in London.

The event was kindly hosted by members Linklaters.
BAB London Hosts Students from American Universities
13 & 14 January 2020

BAB London kicked off its 2020 youth engagement in January with two visits from American undergraduate student groups.

On 13 January, BAB hosted students from the Global Commerce Program at Denison University to talk about what we can expect next for the transatlantic economy.

On 14 January, we were visited by students attending Augustana University , who met with representatives from BAB's Policy and Membership teams to talk about the present state of transatlantic relations, where the UK goes next, and how sustainability is now defining the business plans of many of BAB's member companies.
BAB New York Holds Panel Discussion on Immigration in 2020
22 January 2020

BAB New York welcomed members to a breakfast panel discussion on Immigration in 2020: UK/US Transatlantic Trends and Developments. Speaking on the panel was:

  • Stephen Maltby, Chair, Immigration Group, Gibney (Moderator)
  • Violeta Petrova, Senior Counsel, Immigration Group, Gibney
  • Ben Sheldrick, Managing Partner and Head of Business Immigration, Magrath Sheldrick LLP
  • Vince Cordova, Principal and Mobility Leader for the East Region, Mercer
  • Peter Schiron, Assistant General Counsel, Deloitte LLP

This event was kindly sponsored by Magrath Sheldrick LLP , and hosted by Gibney .
BAB London Holds UK-US Financial Services Regulatory Co-Op Meeting
15 January 2020

On January 15, BAB London brought together members and stakeholders from the Financial Services sector to help map out priorities for the next U.S.-UK Financial Regularly Working Group meeting. The engagement is part of BAB’s efforts to support U.S.-UK government-to-government dialogues.  Hosted by Latham & Watkins LLP.
BAB Statement on the United Kingdom Leaving the European Union
31 January 2020

BAB published a statement reiterating the importance of securing a future trade agreement with the EU that secures frictionless trade, maintains market access, and preserves the integrity of supply chains across the UK and EU.

Read the statement in full here .

BAB Welcomes News of Tariff War De-Escalation Between France and the United States
21 January 2020

BAB has welcomed the news that the United States and France have reached an agreement to suspend their dispute on the French Digital Services Tax (DST) until the end of the year.

Read our statement here
BAB Welcomes UK Government Consideration to Eliminate Income Threshold for EU Migrants Post-Brexit
22 January 2020

BAB welcomed the news that the UK Government is considering eliminating the £30,000 income threshold for EU migrants, originally proposed in 2018.

Read our statement here
Duncan Edwards for Bloomberg Tax: Taxing the 21st Century Economy - A Multilateral Approach?
17 December 2019

BAB CEO, Duncan Edwards, wrote for Bloomberg Tax explaining why unilateral approaches to Digital Services Taxation are the wrong solution, stressing the need to pursue a multilateral agreement.

Read Duncan's insights here
BAB Responds to USTR Request for Comment on the Large Civil Aircraft Dispute
15 January 2020

BAB made a submission to the United States Trade Representative (USTR) in response to a request for comments on the enforcement of U.S. WTO rights in large civil aircraft dispute.

Read our submission in full here
Duncan Edwards, CEO, Joins Yahoo Finance to Discuss Brexit
30 January 2020

BritishAmerican Business CEO Duncan Edwards joined Yahoo Finance‘s ‘On The Move’ Panel, to talk about the UK’s departure from the European Union.

Speaking on the importance of a UK-EU and UK-US free trade agreement, Duncan said:

“The preferred outcome for UK business and American companies that are located in the UK is for an agreement to be reached with the EU first… particularly on trade, to preserve zero tariffs, and zero quotas to enable trade flows across the channel as soon as possible.”

You can watch Duncan’s interview in full by clicking  here .
BAB Statement on the UK General Election Result
13 December 2019

BAB published a statement in response to the results of the UK General Election, which saw the Conservative Party, led by Boris Johnson, take a sizeable majority in the House of Commons.

Read the statement in full here .

BAB Responds to WTO Members Agreeing an Extension to Digital Trade Tariffs Moratorium
10 December 2019

"We welcome the news today that WTO members have agreed to extend the moratorium on digital trade tariffs. We have made clear that the imposition of tariffs on digital products is not conducive to fostering a growing an innovative global economy.

"The digitalization of trade flows needs to be fully embraced, recognizing that the distinction between the offline and online worlds is increasingly losing its meaning."

- Emanuel Adam, Director of Policy & Trade, BritishAmerican Business

Emanuel Adam Talks to BBC News on the U.S. President's Visit to the UK
4 Dec 2019

Emanuel Adam, Executive Director, spoke to BBC News on the U.S. President's visit to the UK in December and what it means for the special relationship.
Duncan Edwards, CEO, Chats to Yahoo Finance about the 2019 General Election
9 Dec 2019

BAB CEO Duncan Edwards joined Yahoo Finance's On The Move to discuss the (then) upcoming General Election, and the two different visions for the UK presented by the Conservatives and Labour Party.

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