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Welcome to the BABN’s August Policy and Trade Update.
As we head into September, the most important event to keep on radar for the wider network is clearly the Transatlantic Conference in Cleveland, Ohio. For those who can travel there; it will be worth it.
Additionally, our Chapters across the network have been busy using the summer to prepare events and engagements for members in the network. Look out also for the DIT announcement of this year's ‘International Trade Week’ and the 6th US-UK SME Dialogue in November.
Finally, there will no doubt be further developments this fall as the Conservative Party in the UK draws closer to electing a new leader, and the US prepares for the midterm elections this November.
See below for a recap of the policy and trade headlines of August 2022, as well as additional information on upcoming events in the Network.

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Conservative Party Leadership Contest
August 2022

In the UK, the Conservative Party has reached the final stages of its leadership contest, with winner set to be announced on September 5. The new prime minister will have to face a number of pressing challenges in their first weeks in office, including the cost of living, energy security, the war in Ukraine, and continuing issues around the Northern Ireland Protocol. Current frontrunner Liz Truss has made pledges to address the rising cost of living and doing business in the UK, including getting rid of the scheduled corporate tax rise.
Policy Updates
Tackling the Skills Shortage White Paper
28 July 2022

At the end of July BAB published its latest paper “Tackling the Skills Shortage: Recommendations to help develop the talent our economies need.” 

Even as employment rates in the US and UK remain high, many companies are experiencing unfilled vacancies and a shortage of skilled workers. Responding to this challenge, the paper outlines both domestic policy solutions and new bilateral initiatives that can help ease the skills gap in the current labor market.  

The paper calls on the US and UK governments to develop and expand education plans and skills training, increase minority and gender representation in training programs and the workforce, introduce economic incentives for skills training, and enhance US-UK bilateral cooperation to develop the skills both economies need. 

Read the full White Paper here.
Trade Updates
DIT International Trade Week
November 2022

The UK Department for International Trade will once again be hosting International Trade Week, a week of business and government-led programs aimed at supporting expanding businesses as they look to trade and expand globally. This year's program will run through early November, further details to follow.
US-UK SME Dialogue
November 2022

Following the successful resumption of the US-UK SME Dialogue in Boston earlier this year, the next Dialogue will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland in November. BAB has been a strong supporter of the SME Dialogue and looks forward to supporting this latest initiative this fall.
Events & Initiatives in the Network
US Embassy London Business Briefing
6 September 2022

BAB London is delighted to be hosting a business briefing with the US Embassy Economic and Commercial teams on September 6. The briefing is open to members of BAB's policy group, and is an opportunity meet newly arrived members of the Embassy staff and discuss policy issues facing US and UK business operating across the UK.
Transatlantic Conference 2022
7-9 September 2022

After three years of waiting, we are thrilled to announce that the Transatlantic Conference, the major annual event of the BritishAmerican Business network is coming back; held on September 7-9 in Cleveland, Ohio.
Expect two days of relevant discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities at exciting places with stakeholders from business, government and academia. More information can be found by clicking here.
Accelerate Workshop for UK Inbound Companies
13-14 September 2022

The BAB Accelerate Workshop for UK inbound companies will offer a unique opportunity for attendees to gain hands on, practical knowledge for expanding and growing their business in the UK.

Formatted as a multipart workshop, there will be a variety of sessions across 2 days, each led by industry experts to allow attendees to take a deep dive into the granular details of what it takes to expand your business across the pond. Each session will offer concrete takeaways and actionable to do items.
Thank you for reading our Policy and Trade Update. If you have any feedback or comments please contact us.

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