Fruits & Vegetables
Let's be clear -- rinse produce before you eat or prepare

Produce is important to our diets — share with your communities that running tap water and clean hands are all you need to rinse fresh fruits and vegetables at home. Bleach, detergents and soap are not intended to be eaten by you or anyone! 

This video shows how to rinse fresh fruits and vegetables. 
Share it on your social networks and in your outreach. Fight BAC!
Produce safety expert Trevor Suslow has written a new article about safe handling of fresh fruits and vegetables at this time of coronavirus.
Cut through the noise
Recap: resources on COVID-19 and food safety
You might feel overwhelmed with information right now. But, think of the people stuck at home that don't have your food safety knowledge!

Here are key resources and messages you can share with others to help them be prepared and be healthy.

Let's continue to promote hand hygiene, surface cleaning and sanitizing as fundamentals to good health.
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Here’s your reminder! Leftovers should be used or frozen within 4 days. #dinnertonight #leftovers #foodsafety #alonetogether #FightBACCovid19
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