BRA Families: We've heard your concerns and we're here for you. We are committed to helping you formulate the kind of learning experience that YOU know is best for YOUR child. With that it mind, we've added these options to our regular personalized learning programs:
More Group Classes!
If you've participated in our Read the Write Way, EOG and Me or preschool classes, you know how effective and fun our group classes are! We're adding new classes to fill in any gaps in their remote learning. Classes will be grouped by grade level and strictly limited to 6 in a group so that we can differentiate for individual needs. Click on the link below for class times and tuition.
New: Bring a Buddy!
We are our community's leader in innovative, effective, and engaging individual tutoring. We know we're needed now more than ever, so we're proud to offer Bring a Buddy Tutoring. If your child has a friend in the same class or grade level, we will see them together for weekly lessons based on their needs. Click on the link below for options and discounted rates.
Safety First
We share your concerns about educating children amid a pandemic. Out of an abundance of caution for your children and our teachers, we will closely follow CDC recommendations and guidelines. We are cleaning surfaces multiple times throughout the day and limiting the use of shared materials. Masks are mandatory for teachers and optional for students. Click on the link below for our detailed policies and procedures.
Along with the new options above, we'll continue to offer the same individual tutoring options you've come to depend on, including virtual learning. We'll begin scheduling for Fall 2020 after our last week of summer camps (August 10th).

Thank you for your support and faith in us. Since this pandemic began, I have heard from so many of you that Ballantyne Reading Academy is the ONLY place you trust to provide a safe, caring and effective learning space for your children. We take our responsibility very seriously and are committed to seeing you through this year and beyond.

~ Miss Lisa