FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - September 8, 2020
BACPAC Endorses Candidates for Mayor and City Council
Pentin for Mayor, Balch and Brown for City Council
PLEASANTON, California – The Pleasanton Chamber’s Business and Community Political Action Committee (BACPAC) is pleased to announce its endorsements for Pleasanton Mayor and City Council in this November’s election.
Decisions were based on interviews with three of the five Mayoral candidates and all seven City Council candidates as well as a recent virtual forum sponsored by the BACPAC and Pleasanton Weekly in which candidates addressed priorities and answered questions rooted in Pleasanton 2025: A Community Vision, the Chamber’s local public policy platform with goals for the economy, jobs, education, infrastructure, public safety, health, housing, arts, leadership, culture and recreation.
Mayoral candidate Jerry Pentin and City Council candidates Jack Balch and Randy Brown bring a combination of excellent experiences, are most closely aligned with Chamber goals articulated in Pleasanton 2025: A Community Vision, and in our view are best qualified to help Pleasanton remain the Bay Area’s best place to live, work and raise a family. All three have earned our endorsement.
“Our support of Jerry Pentin is due to the quality and consistency of Jerry’s positions on issues and his track record of decisive leadership throughout his time serving the community on many different boards, commissions and the city council,” said John Sensiba, Chair of the BACPAC. Jerry Pentin is very familiar with city governance and we believe his experience of serving eight years on the City Council will be critical in helping our community move forward.       
Jack Balch brings an infectiously positive energy to all that he does, and after more than 10 years on the Parks and Planning Commissions, he’s passionate about making a difference as a Council member. “Balch is keenly aware of the importance of maintaining a strong local economy in order to sustain the very highest of public services and amenities synonymous with quality of life in Pleasanton,” said Sensiba. His energy, creativity, business acumen and common sense will be a great asset to our community as we recover from COVID-19.
Randy Brown is passionate about Pleasanton which is evident through his leadership experience with Rotary, Sunflower Hill, Agape Villages, Stanford Health Care-ValleyCare, Pleasanton Military Families and other organizations. “Being a small business owner and understanding the challenges in running your own business will give Brown an excellent perspective as a City Council member,” said Sensiba. His ‘can-do’ attitude, positivity and ability to collaborate with others will be critical as the City Council works toward bringing our City back from the pandemic.                   
BACPAC wants to extend its thanks to all the candidates for their commitment to the city by running for public office and for taking the time to participate in our interview process.
The Chamber's Business And Community Political Action Committee, BACPAC, relies on Pleasanton 2025: A Community Vision as the barometer by which to endorse and fund candidates for elected office at all levels of government, with greatest emphasis at the local level. In short, our strong local economy and extraordinary quality of life happen by design, not by accident. Working together, we cause great things to happen.

Steve Van Dorn, President/CEO Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce, 925-846-5858 ext. 201 John Sensiba, BACPAC Chair