December 19, 2019


Edison keeps their commitment
to give 48 hour notice before releasing
19,200 gallons of treated but still toxic nuclear waste goes into the ocean in a four hour period, Thursday 12/19/19.

There wasn't anything actually posted at San Onofre Surfing Beach, where it would be most important, so we posted our own notice this morning.

“The important thing is there’s really no impact to the environment and the people,”
Edison spokesperson John Dobken said.

That is an easy claim to make, since there is no way to trace radiation illnesses back to SONGS. This practice has been going on for the past 50 years, unannounced and without ocean monitoring for radiation.

At least now we have a choice to avoid the water during these discharges.

Thank you for doing this much Edison . Let's get the word out a little sooner next time with better publicity in the news and social media. Post announcements at State Parks and Harbors to the north and south also.

Special thanks to SURFRIDER who pushed hard to help make this happen.

Beware of reassurances that these discharges take place a mile from shore. Current charts show how it circulates right back to the beach. Not only that, but those discharge pipes are not all that reliable. I was doing an interview for Bloomberg News in 2012 when we saw the water roiling at the surface right in front of the plant. When I asked an employee about it they said "this happens all the time. If they cant repair it by welding they just cover it with more rocks."

We could always use a little more financial support as we continue to seek the best outcome at San Onofre. Just the newsletter service we use costs $95 per month, and there are other out of pocket expenses, let alone any special events we would like to plan, or technical papers we could have written up to help explore better solutions.

Thank you!