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Spring 2017

From the Chair's chair ...

Wow!  These e-newsletters come around fast.  In fact, spring comes and goes so quickly!  We are right up against the annual BE Showcase, final exams, and graduation!  Wasn't it just the Christmas holidays?

Things have been moving forward in Farrall Hall. We have two new faculty members and one new staff member since 2017 started.  In this update, I would like to introduce you to assistant professors Dr. Ilce Medina-Meza and Dr. Ehsan Ghane, our two new faculty members, and Emily Williams, our new BAE Business Manager. 

In February 2017, I became the Director for the Institute of Water Research (IWR) at Michigan State, in addition to my BAE Chair responsibilities.  MSU's IWR is one of the 54 National Institutes for Water Resources (NIWR) supported by the U.S. Department of the Interior and U.S. Geological Survey at land grant universities throughout the 50 states, District of Columbia, and island territories of the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Guam. Over the last several years, some BAE faculty members have been involved with the IWR.  I look forward to my new role in IWR to expand its capabilities and reach, focus on outstanding research, education and outreach in water throughout the Great Lakes, U.S. and the world.  It will be an exciting adventure!

Speaking of BE Showcase, something we all look forward to each year, it's scheduled for April 27 this year.  We are using a new event location and format this year.  We have moved the industry luncheon, capstone presentations, poster session, and reception into our own Farrall Hall - closer to home!  If you have signed up, we will see you there - soon!  All day activities for BE Showcase are free and open to the public, with the exception of the luncheon, which requires an advance RSVP.  For complete details, including parking instructions, please see the full BE Showcase program section of the newsletter. We look forward to the event and seeing everyone.

So, what are y'all up to?  We would like to include a "What's Up with our Alums....Alumni News" section in these quarterly e-newsletters, so drop us a line and let us know what you have been up to lately.

Please stop by Farrall Hall, or invite me to visit you, so that I can learn about you, your BAE past, present and future.

Thanks for the opportunity to serve,

Darrell W. Donahue


Pistachio industry benefits from food safety research

Pistachios are touted as the "Nutritious Nut," but making sure this tasty and healthy snack favorite is safe to eat is a tougher nut to crack. (Read More.)


Project focuses on reducing pathogen threat in low-flow water systems

MSU and Purdue researchers are investigating how low-flow plumbing systems may hold the key to maximizing water quality and minimizing public health risks. (Read More.)


MSU partners with Detroit Zoological Society to launch first-ever anaerobic digester at a North American zoo

Zoo poo helps Detroit Zoo go green. 

A research partnership with MSU helps position the Detroit Zoo as one of the most sustainable zoos in North America, and offers environmentally friendly way to dispose of waste and create energy. (Read More.)


MSU researcher leads one of the world's most profound enzyme research programs 

MSU researchers are on the fast track to maximizing enzyme function to create renewable fuels, develop sustainable food production processes, and design important agricultural and biomedical applications. (Read More.)

New Hires

The Michigan State University (MSU) Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering (BAE) would like to welcome its two newest faculty members, Drs. Ilce Gabriela Medina Meza and Ehsan Ghane. They joined the MSU BAE faculty December 2016 and January 2017, respectively. 

We also welcome Emily Williams as our new business manager.  Emily joined us March 2017 from Food Science. Please join us in welcoming them to the MSU BAE family! (Read More.)

Meet the BAE Faculty & Staff

Meet all the BAE faculty and staff (Read More.)

2016/17 Industry Industry Advisory Board

Meet the 2016-17 Industry Advisory Board and Industry Evaluators for senior design projects. (Read More.)

Select 2017 Faculty & Student Awards

Kudos all around: BAE teaching faculty member and students recognized with prestigious honors.  (Read More.)

2017 BE Showcase

Join us for BE Showcase on April 27, 2017, when 57 BE 487 senior design students on 14 teams present their two-semester design projects. Students will present to industry evaluators in the morning and then publically beginning at 2 p.m. Join 63 students from BE 230 Engineering Analysis of Biological Systems at 5 p.m.for a poster session and reception.   The day concludes with an awards banquet dinner (RSVP required). Read more for the complete schedule and parking options. (Read More.)

This quarter in BAE News


  • Remembering renowned dairy industry innovator and former BAE faculty member Bill Bickert
  • Link up with BAE students, alumni, faculty, staff, and supporters.
  • Plan to attend the next ASABE Michigan section meeting on   April 27. (Read More.)