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BAM Deuce Glare Tester
Two Glare Tests in 1 Device!  
DOCUMENT BOTH Floodlight and Spotlight Glare

Documents, Demonstrates, Measures Glare
Mimics Flood & Spot Lighting
8 Lighting Levels
LiFepo4 and CR1220 coin batteries
Trial Lens Holder
Ergonomic Design
Made in USA
1 year full warranty

2 Tests, 1 Device, evaluates glare spotlight (mimics on-coming headlight) and floodlight (mimics sunlight shining through windows)
BAM Deuce Spotlights On
BAM Deuce Spotlights Off
BAM Deuce Glaremeter
Voltmeter and sliding switch on the side
BAM Deuce Voltmeter On
Pressing the top switch measures the voltage of the battery
BAM Deuce 3 way switch
BAM Deuce combines Floodlight and Spotlight glare testing by a flick of a switch. Selection is Spot/Off/Flood. Easy to use, recharge monthly.
BAM Deuce rear cover
Degrees for cylinder alignment,
Lens Holder attached by magnets
Lens Holder
Add trial lenses to BAM Deuce, align the axis.
Trial Lens Holder
Trial Lens Holder attached by magnets, degrees for cylinder lens alignment.
REGULAR PRICE: $999 plus shipping
SPECIAL PRICE: $850 plus shipping


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