Lessons in Berkeley and SF
September through May: MONTHLY TUITION PROGRAM
$205 or $310 per month, due at first lesson of the month
Schedule 2022-23 School Year
click on this link for the FULL schedule:


Lessons will be held Labor Day Weekend - see Schedule for details

ZOOM CLASS with Ms. Theo 10/6
all PRE-K - 3rd Graders attend
Play a piece for the class and enjoy music time with Ms. Theo!
Location: Lake Merritt UMC
1330 Lakeshore Ave in Oakland
📣Let's welcome ADRIENNE PANKONIN-DAHL as our new admin assistant! Adrienne knows the ins and outs of BAM culture, so we are thrilled to have her on board.📣
Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park.
Saturday, September 17, 12:00-12:55
at the "California Native Garden"
Performers: Kira Rice, Alexander Violet,
Devun Amoranto, Naomi Sanchez

Purchase Tickets for parents and guests
Student tickets covered by our School Group
Last year we had the best time playing piano and picnicking!
It's our 20th Anniversary! Be sure to help us celebrate by checking out our awesome BAM swag at Callie's Cozies.
CONGRATS to Otto! He earned the giant 75-point Festival Gold Cup!! He has one more to go. Otto started playing in the Festival at age 4. In June, he won prizes at the Carmel International Piano Competition in Indiana. In addition to classical piano, Otto is an accomplished jazzer and part of the prestigious BHS Jazz Band. He likes other stuff too - when you see him, ask him!
"How are you going to celebrate?"
"Boba in a Gold Cup!"
Summer Recital
Ms Jessica and Leo play a duet at the Summer Recital. We heard music of all levels. For some, this was their very first recital!
We look forward to hearing everyone at the December 17 Recital in Oakland.
Summer Camps
Kira and Otto auditioned for and participated in the Indiana University Piano Academy summer camp. They got to meet pianist and composer Mr. Emile Naoumoff, one of Naomi's former professors. Mr. Naoumoff's energy, fun, and creativity is emulated in our program at BAM.
Indiana exchange: While Kira and Otto were in Indiana, Naomi's teacher Ms. Evelyne Brancart visited visited us at BAM.
Evelyne Brancart and Emile Naoumoff are distinguished faculty of the IU Jacobs School of Music.
Many of us participated in SummerGATE and SF Youth Chorus camp, all summer long!

Emilio, Nikhil, Anya, Hazel, and Avonlea performed in our studio versions of Mary Poppins and Hamilton. If you missed our Hamilton, you can see it on September 24 at the SFYC and SummerGATE Fundraiser dinner and silent auction.

Come support our awesome performers, and find out about these excellent programs for kids!

Summer Weddings
Congratulations to TWO beautiful couples...and BAM teachers
Mariela Mena & Javier Trujillo
Javier is our beloved guitar teacher. He and Mariela perform all over the Bay and the world. Be sure to go hear them! And learn to play like Javier!
Diana Dorell & Rob Ide
Ms. D, as she is known to us, taught hip hop, ballet, and meditation to countless BAM Campers throughout the years. Ms. D is a true renaissance woman, ally, and role model. It's a privilege to know her and learn with her!
last but not least...College Send-Off 🥲
College send-off brunch with Vivian Huang and Skip Ho.
We missed Isaiah Amoranto and Magnus Tangherlini. We wish these four wonderful young people all the best as they move on to the next phase of their lives...COLLEGE!
Coming Soon...College Preparation Planning
College Preparation Planning Program
We are pleased to partner with the experts and offer exclusive seminars on how to prepare for and navigate every aspect of the education planning process. Stay tuned!