BANDONI's Real Estate Reality | January 2021 
2020 WAS UP 20 PERCENT. Last year, the number of units sold in the Vail Valley was up 20% over 2019. As we all know by now, the pandemic push accounts for that increase. The surge to buy is not occurring only in the Vail Valley. It is happening throughout Colorado mountain towns as well as Boulder and Denver.

In the Vail Valley, the data and the discussions have been pretty easy to interpret. In general, the pandemic has spurred bucket-list buyers to act, it has inspired new buyers, and it has affected how & how often both types of buyers plan to use their new homes. How & how often one intends to use a home dictates where & which neighborhood one buys into. That partially explains why Beaver Creek properties did not see an increase year-over-year and it partially explains why Cordillera, Arrowhead, Bachelor Gulch did. For more on that, click BEHIND THE NUMBERS 
The surge on real estate has resulted in an unprecedented low level of inventory. As indicated above, there are just 369 units for sale county wide; only 330 between Edwards and East Vail. From my iPhone to my office to every broker I speak with, all indications are that the strong demand will continue through summer.  

I believe that the seasonal increase of inventory will occur this spring/summer but I also believe it will fall short of normal. Back in October, I did not expect that. For the same reason that more people are buying homes here, I believe that those who already have a home here are inspired to keep it. Of course there will be those who decide to cash in their blue chips in a seller’s market. And there is always those who have a natural reason to move on/move out and, God forbid, choose Florida over Colorado. Yes, there will be sellers, but I suspect fewer than usual. So, with the continued low supply & high demand, how does one successfully sell and/or buy this year? For more on that, click HOW TO BUY AND SELL IN 2021 

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