BANY State Agency Partnership Progress Update

The BANY Board is continuing its efforts to seek assistance from state agencies with regards to regulatory items.
Executive Order 202.11 – Bus Inspections
The Governor has the power through the use of Executive Orders to temporarily suspend or modify laws/regulations during declared states of emergency.
On March 27 th the Governor issued Executive Order 202.11 which is effective through April 26, 2020 and includes the following language and suspends:
  • Section 140(3) of the Transportation Law to the extent necessary to toll for a 30-day period corresponding to the duration of this Executive Order the requirement of a vehicle inspection within a period of six months last preceding, only for those vehicles voluntarily placed out of service due to the COVID-19 outbreak;
This means that if your buses are taken out of service because of COVID-19 (no plates) then your 6 month inspections are temporarily waived for the 30 days. As a result there would be no brake tests either. We believe they plan to keep doing 30 day extensions.

Inspection Fees
The NYSDOT Bus Inspection fee is in statute so it cannot be waived administratively. However, there is currently no mechanism to collect the fee in place and EO 202.11 will effectively postpone inspections for any buses taken out of service so you should not expect to see bills in the short term. Eventually, as inspections resume the fees will also be processed.

DOT and DMV are connecting to coordinate compliance items. 
Have you written to your state and federal legislators yet on the effect that COVID-19 has had on your business? You need to do this today!

American Bus Association - COVID-19: Federal Repsonse

Every member of Congress, House of Representatives and Senate, needs to hear your voice and how you and your company have been impacted. 

ABA developed a template letter that you can use to email your Representatives:
  • Click here for a Motorcoach Operator template letter. (UPDATED 3/20)
  • Click here for Motorcoach Drivers template letter. (3/23)
  • You can find your Representatives contact details here.
  • You can find your Senator’s contact details here.

ABA Webinar: Human Resources Legal Advice You Need to Know Now
Join the ABA on April 3 at 2 p.m. ET for a webinar that will highlight the key issues facing you as you navigate the impact of COVID-19. Register today
UMA Online Weekly Town Halls Thursdays at 2:00PM  

UMA's hosted online Town Hall meetings will be held weekly on Thursdays at 2:00PM. Join UMA to discuss the most current issues that matter to operators.

Financing Options Under the CARES Act and Beyond

Recorded on March 30, 2020

Learn more about Paycheck Protection Program loans under the CARES Act, Economic Injury Disaster Loans, and other financing options available to businesses and nonprofits impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The webinar can be viewed for free, on demand, at this link.

IRS: Employee Retention Credit available for many businesses financially impacted by COVID-19

WASHINGTON — The Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service today launched the Employee Retention Credit, designed to encourage businesses to keep employees on their payroll. The refundable tax credit is 50% of up to $10,000 in wages paid by an eligible employer whose business has been financially impacted by COVID-19.

Does my business qualify to receive the Employee Retention Credit?
The credit is available to all employers regardless of size, including tax-exempt organizations. There are only two exceptions: State and local governments and their instrumentalities and small businesses who take small business loans.
Qualifying employers must fall into one of two categories:
  1. The employer's business is fully or partially suspended by government order due to COVID-19 during the calendar quarter.
  2. The employer's gross receipts are below 50% of the comparable quarter in 2019. Once the employer's gross receipts go above 80% of a comparable quarter in 2019, they no longer qualify after the end of that quarter.
These measures are calculated each calendar quarter.

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