Join us VIRTUALLY, Thursday, September 24TH for the Awards & Election Program as we celebrate the 2019 BAR Award Winners and reveal the 2021 Election Results for BAR & GALMLS!
This year we are encouraging offices to host viewing parties to watch LIVE in training rooms where social distancing rules allow. Hosts will check in with the offices hosting parties. Throughout the program, you will be able to enter prize raffles via text messaging.
Tips to Host a Watch Party
  1. Provide food, drinks, and a festive atmosphere.
  2. Set the event up on a big screen or multiple screens to help with social distancing.
  3. Test your connection before the event starts. Make sure all apps are downloaded and the sound is on.
Voting is now open and runs through September 10TH

2021 BAR Secretary:
  1. Chris Wood
2021 BAR Board of Directors:
  1. John David Terpo
  2. Patrick Warren
  3. Phyllis Connell
  4. Sloane Rhoden

2021 BAR Secretary:
  1. Patti Stone

2021 BAR Board of Directors:
  1. Warren Kuntz

2021 MLS Secretary: 
  1. Paul Holley

2021 MLS Board of Directors:
  1. Kristina Knowles
  2. Scott Ford
  3. Ted McLaughlin

2021 MLS Board of Directors:
  1. Cerita Tucker-Smith
How to Vote
Voting Instructions
  1. Login to
  2. Hover over "Elections"
  3. Click "My Elections"
  4. Click "Click HERE to Proceed to Ballot"
  5. Verify your credentials by providing your "BAR Portal Username" and "Last Name"
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