Contact: Tom Barrow, President
Date: December 5, 2016
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Predicts Security Seal Anomalies and Irregularities to be Pervasive!

DETROIT (December 5) --- Citizens for Detroit's Future president Tom Barrow today applauded the Jill Stein campaign's federal court victory authorizing a voter recount throughout Michigan.   

The CFDF President predicted, however, that some 100,000 ballots will mysteriously avoid being hand counted when a bevy of security seal discrepancy anomalies and other irregularities come to light. 

"We recounted votes in Detroit in 2009 and 2013, and discovered that provisional votes were ignored, consistent official malfeasance,  ministerial incompetence, and clear indices of fraud in each recount.  We are extremely confident that recounts in areas outside of Detroit and even in the city of Detroit itself, will change the vote totals", says the veteran accountant, "and we most certainly know that Michigan's 1985 technology legacy voting systems are easily able to be manipulated."

In the 2009 recount, a 100% of the city's 44,215 absentee ballots could not be recounted along with an additional 21,549 from neighborhood precinct polling site where only 9,000 ballots would have altered the result between the two contenders, Dave Bing and Tom Barrow.

"In 2009, we encountered numerous empty poll boxes that were counted only on the city's computer;  uncovered 100s  and 100s of cases where security seals numbers did not match that placed there by election night workers and watched as the City Clerk's representative falsified a list in a desperate attempt to cover up the irregularities,  a list which the Wayne County Board of Canvassers rejected as fake."

"In 2013, a handwriting expert reported that 42% of the write-on ballots were in the same or similar handwriting while recount teams revealed numerous incidents of more ballots being counted than people recorded on the poll books.  Also revealed from a surprise subpoenaed printer's manifest, was that the City Clerk had authorized printing some 35,000 extra absentee ballots which were never located.   In fact, sworn eyewitness testimony of a late night team carrying laptops into a polling location was short circuited when the County Board of Canvassers abruptly ended their term and the required investigation leading to an unprecedented rebuke by the Michigan Attorney General's office"   said the CFDF president.

Recounts are both technical and highly labor intensive, detail driven and arduous, Barrow opined, and recruitment of experienced challengers at the precinct level will be the most important element of the effort.

"You can pay the lawyers millions of dollars, but it's the work on the ground that will make their case,"  concluded Barrow .  "it is our hope that both Clinton and Stein will invest in the best eyes and ears which to include dedicated grassroot folks who care so that all of us can know, with certainty,  who truthfully won this presidential election and whether the system had been manipulated by foreign or domestic operatives as Donald Trump alleged."

Citizens For Detroit's Future
Citizens for Detroit's Future is a non-political Michigan Non-Profit Corporation based in Detroit and formed in 1984.  The group is composed of Detroit and suburban residents and came to prominence in 1988 when it created a city ordinance which prohibited casino gambling in the Detroit unless it was approved by the city' residents.
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