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John Cone and his son Jody (left). John and Linda Cone, founders of BASCA, Inc. (right).
Volume 22  |  Issue 5  |  July 2016 
  John Cone, BASCA's Executive Director of Community Development, announced his retirement on July 6, 2016, after 22 years of dedicated service to improving the quality of life of individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities in Northeast Florida.  His hard work and diligence has greatly benefited BASCA during his tenure as Executive Director.
  BASCA's board, staff and participants express their heart-felt gratitude to Mr. Cone for his years of service and leadership.  We are indebted to his keen vision and personal commitment to the BASCA organization.  We honor John for his insightful contributions to the expanding growth of BASCA.  His willingness to put in extra time and effort has been a continual demonstration of his commitment to excellence, which we have all come to respect.
   The Board of Directors is actively conducting a search for an onboard interim Executive Director, who will conduct the daily operation of the organization and assist with the orderly transition to the hiring of a permanent Executive Director.  BASCA is poised for a bright and promising future ahead, and your continued support of our mission - providing for the varied number of services to our special people - will help ensure that our goals will continue to be met. 

Kenneth R. Liechty
Chairman of the Board of Directors

But the Lord said unto me, Say not, I am a child: for thou shalt go to all that I shall send thee, and whatsoever I command thee thou shalt speak.
Jeremiah 1:7
9/23/2016 Getting to Know You, Getting to Know BASCA social event at the Club Continental
10/22/2016 4th Annual Chomp 'N Stomp 5K/1mile Run, Walk, & Roll
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To sponsor a piece of this amazing artwork generously donated by local artist Sophie Dentiste and gracing a wall in BASCA's New Campus:

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Program Highlight: Creative Learning Center
Mica working in the Enrichment area.
 The Creative Learning Center is a hub of activity here at BASCA. This exciting Life Skills Development Program offers a wide variety of activities for our participants. The center has six distinct areas offering different ways to engage, learn, and showcase the talents of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • Fitness and Nutrition
  • Technology
  • Puzzles and Games
  • Enrichment
  • Ceramics
  • Job Skills
  These six areas along with the new calendar of activities and innovative approach to the daily schedule create a well-rounded experience for your loved one with special needs.
  What is this new approach? Individuals have a team they work with throughout the day. The team rotates to the different areas of the center completing their tasks. There are breaks in the schedule to spend time at the Dr. Charles Frank Garden and Greenhouse, for special large group activities and presentations. Recently Colin Kiely of the Jacksonville Symphony came to play the violin and viola and share his passion for music.
  So, what's on the schedule next? This month you will find plenty of outings and special learning activities in the Creative Learning Center including a yogurt-covered strawberry cooking project, a soda geyser science project, and a fun field trip to the Friendship Fountain where we will take a water taxi ride. These are just 3 examples of activities that are on the July schedule.
  Every day is different here in the Creative Learning Center where participants enjoy a plethora of thought-provoking activities sure to keep them engaged, motivated, and inspired. Are you interested in seeing the Creative Learning Center or maybe you have a loved one who could benefit from these activities? Contact Patrice Sherman at or call our office at (904) 541-1742 for more information.

Highlights from the Creative Learning Center: bowling, learning about stringed instruments, and a science project.

BASCA's Ladies Auxiliary Holds Chance Drawing for Quilts

BASCA's Ladies Auxiliary is holding a chance drawing for quilts made by Sue Clark. You could win one of the two patriotic quilts pictured above!
  • Tickets are $5 each or 5 tickets for $20
  • All proceeds benefit the special needs programs at BASCA, Inc.
  • Do not need to be present to win
  • Drawing on Friday, 9/23/2016
Stop by our office at 352 Stowe Avenue in Orange Park to purchase your tickets today!

Give Back Through

BASCA partners with to make giving easy. Your contribution helps individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities stay active and continue learning and growing. Current projects are:
  • Creative Learning Center Kilns
  • BASCA Activity Night Furniture

Simply follow the link below and choose a project to support.

BASCA in the Community
Rachel and Cassandra helping at the BASCA booth. Our participants love to volunteer too!
  Do you like going to community events and expo's? We do too! This year we are participating more in our community events to bring awareness to others about individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, educate the public about the services offered at BASCA, show off the products our participants hand craft, and have a little bit of fun, too. Maybe you have seen the smiling faces at the BASCA booth at one of these events:
  • The Orange Park Farmers Market
  • Car Shows
  • The Sunshine Market at Eagle Landing
  • Rotary 501 Run
  • Florida Blue Caregiver Expo
  • Carrie Clark Day
     Our next planned event is the Orange Park Farmers Market on Sunday, August 7, 2016 from 10 am until 3 pm.  Would you like to volunteer at our booth for a couple hours?  We need set up, tear down, and people to work during this event. Contact Lucy Conrad at for more information. If you know of an upcoming event that you would like to see us at, please contact Melissa Stewart at or call our office at (904) 541-1742. 
Door prize winners from the Florida Blue Caregiver Expo in June.
Showing our BASCA Spirit at Jersey Mike's Spirit Night!
L.I.F.E. Home News
Lilly is nervous at the dentist.
Candice shows Lilly how the x-ray works.
All ready for the X-ray.
A Trip to the Dentist
Photos and Story by Rhonda Bowers

  Do you enjoy going to the dentist? It can be a really scary thing to visit the dentist. The littlest member of the Peoria L.I.F.E. Group Home happened to need a visit to the dentist. Now, the littlest resident happens to be Lilly, who was introduced in the April 2016 L.I.F.E. Line newsletter. She is a happy little service dog who loves to go out in the community with her housemates and help them navigate scary things in life, just like going to the dentist. Only this time it was Lilly's turn.

  Lilly had to get X-rays at Dr. Lessig's office, one of our favorite dentists. Lilly was super scared so Candice said "I'll go first Lilly so you won't be scared." Candice put on the apron and stepped into the X-ray machine. When Lilly saw that Candice was just fine, she wasn't frightened anymore. Then it was Lilly's turn. She got ready and in no time the X-ray was done. Lilly enjoys going to appointments with her housemates and helping them relax in scary situations. It sure is nice that her housemates do the same for Lilly. 

"Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination, full of hope."     -Maya Angelou

  If you subscribe to our L.I.F.E. Line Newsletter you have heard us enthusiastically talking about our New Campus. Over the course of the last year or two we have purchased and renovated a building to fit all of our growing needs. We began moving in this past January and now moving is complete and we are all under one roof - YAY!!!
Please make sure to update your records with our new mailing address. Here's the new information:

352 Stowe Avenue
Orange Park, FL 32073

Office: 904-541-1742
Fax: 904-278-6686


  We hope you are enjoying the new format of our LIFE Line Newsletter. In order to better serve our family, friends, and loved ones with special needs we will be moving our newsletter to an emailed  digital format. This shift will allow us to better  utilize your generous contributions for direct  support of our participants. Your cooperation in achieving our goals of cost cutting, awareness of BASCA's status, and progress is now requested. If you are receiving a mailed copy or multiple copies, please feel free to call our office at  904-541-1742 or email Melissa at  to discuss your newsletter status. Your continued support means the world to our participants and we heartily thank  you for being such a large part of the BASCA family.

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