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November 11, 2020



Desktop Apps, introduced in BBj® 19.20, is the BASIS replacement for Java Web Start (JWS). Oracle deprecated JWS in Java 9, and starting with Java 11, they removed JWS entirely from their distributions. When designing Desktop Apps, we removed the limitations of having complicated JNLP files, the requirement of a security certificate, and the JAR signing. We also added the ability for updates to Java, BBj, or programs to be automatically handled by the client, and for all configured applications to be available from the BBj Jetty home page via a URL.

"Desktop Apps, a Zero Deployment Strategy" is the third of a three-part series of Tech Spotlight articles highlighting the capabilities of BASIS desktop applications.
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"Desktop Apps, a Zero Deployment Strategy"
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If you missed the first two articles in the series or just need a refresher:
  • Getting on the Right (Class)Path focused on the greater flexibility of the new classpath paradigm, in which the classpath that BBjServices uses internally can be completely independent of the classpaths that you can configure and use in your BBj applications
  • Loading with Class exposed how BBj uses a new classloader to load the Java classes it needs. For both Desktop App (remote deployment) and ThinClient executions, the loading process is the same: a client BBj program contacts the BBj server, asks it for the classes it needs in order to run, and then downloads those classes from the server. This on-demand class loading varies from the previous model in a number of ways.
Desktop Apps provide a straightforward and improved deployment methodology for delivering BBj applications to the desktop that overcomes all of the disadvantages of Java Web Start.
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