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August 31, 2020


BBj's use of Java classpaths became more flexible and powerful than ever before with the release of BBj 19.10. You now have the ability to control virtually every aspect of how your BBj programs find and use Java classes. 
You can:
  • dictate that your application uses a newer, or an older, version of a Java class from the one that BBj relies on
  • control virtually every aspect of how your BBj programs will interact with Java
  • choose to leave that control in BBj's hands, as most users have in the past
  • choose to completely redefine how Java classes are found and loaded - including removing all references to BBj's internal Java class list if you wish
The "Getting on the Right (Class)Path" article defines classpaths and classloaders to provide you with the background on the importance and flexibility of BBj's use of Java classpaths. This is the first of a three-part series of Tech Spotlight articles culminating in the "Zero Deployment" capabilities of BASIS desktop applications.

Read the full
"Getting on the Right (Class)Path"
article HERE
BASIS continues to strive toward delivering an ever-expanding rich set of development tools for creating new business applications or enhancing existing applications. With BASIS' new Java class selection capability, your choices of Java libraries have expanded dramatically and will allow you more freedom to incorporate Java into your solution as and when needed.
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