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February 26, 2019


Who doesn't want to turn out more work better and faster? We spotlight two articles which facilitate your usage of BASIS' IDE that can help you do just that!

An offering that could help make this dream a reality is the Business BASIC Development Toolkit (BDT) Interactive Development Environment (IDE) that is available as a set of plug-ins for Eclipse. With a number of productivity-enhancing features designed to help you deliver better software more quickly, BDT may be just what you need. But the biggest roadblock may be the transition, as there is bound to be a learning curve associated with any new tool. After all, you already know how to use the NetBeans BASIS IDE and you're comfortable with it. So, how can you determine what benefits you can take advantage of by moving up to the BDT IDE in Eclipse? Read the Transitioning from NetBeans to the BDT IDE article to find out more.

Speaking of Eclipse...The Eclipse IDE defines a structure for developing software that is designed to support extensive customization by you, the user, and that provides you with help laying out and maintaining your BBj projects and their resources. Read the Perspectives and Projects and Views, Oh My! - A Survival Guide for New Eclipse Users article to get started turning out more better and faster.
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