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November 2, 2020

BASIS International Ltd. announces the planned transition to the draft BBx Generations Customer Support Handbook. This handbook describes how BASIS USA responds to customer requests for BBx (BBj, PRO/5, and/or Visual PRO/5) support when BASIS USA is the customer's primary support resource. BASIS channel partners, resellers, distributors, and self-programming end-users will benefit from this transparent support model as it will maximize efficiency and better meet expectations by helping to obtain the right support with minimal wasted time and effort. 

From now until the release of BBj 21.00 next spring, BASIS welcomes your feedback on the draft handbook which we intend to begin following. This transition period provides you with the opportunity to review the handbook and submit your comments or questions.

The broad range of support tiers is intended to provide you, our customers, with comprehensive support for all your BASIS ecosystem needs.
fewA Few Customer Support Basics
The BBx Generations Customer Support Handbook is intended for customers who purchase and manage their licenses directly with BASIS. Other BASIS customers will continue to receive their technical support from their BASIS distributor or reseller from whom they purchased their BASIS license(s). Note that a separate handbook will be available in the future covering support for Barista and AddonSoftware.

Information Needed When Contacting BASIS Support - In order for BASIS to understand and respond appropriately to your needs, each support request needs to include some basic information. Clicking on this paragraph heading link will take you to the details in the BBx Generations Customer Support Handbook.

Support Tiers - The handbook also defines five tiers of support ranging from passive or do-it-yourself help such as online documentation (Tier 0) to on-demand support (Tier 4). Each support tier is defined by its stated purpose (what it is and what it is not) and by the commitment BASIS makes to meet customers' expectations when they participate in that support tier. The important details are found in the BBx Generations Customer Support Handbook.

Merged List Groups - Last year the 19.0 release of BBx provided the BASIS community with a single, pre-configured download of the entire product set including PRO/5, Visual PRO/5, and BBj for their immediate use. This important update, along with a single license to power all BASIS products, provided BASIS' legacy client base with a path forward to mix and match old and new BBx technologies. Related to this change, the BBx-List group was recently merged with the BBj-Developer group to provide the entire community with one discussion forum encompassing the full technology stack of the BASIS product set.
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