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January 16, 2019                                                                MC-19000

It has been a very busy and productive 15 months since BASIS held the TechCon and AddCon 2017 conferences here in Albuquerque. Whether you were able to join us at the conference or not, we trust that you have been busy implementing the latest features of the BASIS product set to your business applications. While the upcoming TechCon 2019 conference details are taking shape, BASIS is busy continuing to be the " Force for the Future" for your application development. 
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Activities and the resources available in the BASIS Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Group Forum and wiki continue to grow. BASIS has leveraged the Eclipse framework to add the Business BASIC Development Tools (BDT) plug-ins for a long list of features and utilities. More information and how to sign-up to the forum follows below.

Many in the BASIS community have requested access to the topics and presentations for TechCon 2017. Below you will find the session descriptions and links to the presentations themselves.

Lastly, we are excited about the new Extended Edition BASIS license that combines all of the features and functions of the existing Standard and Enterprise Editions for all BASIS products - PRO/5®, Visual PRO/5®, PRO/5 Data Server®, ODBC/JDBC and BBj®. This effectively eliminates the artificial barriers to access the most advanced, modern multi-tier features of the BASIS technology stack by making these features available to all applications and installations.
IDEIDE User Group Forum and Wiki

The IDE User Group Forum gives you access to numerous productivity enhancements. This no-cost membership comes with access to both the ide-user-group Google Group as well as the IDE User Group wiki site.

The IDE Google Group is for community discussions about either the older deprecated NetBeans BASIS IDE or the currently supported Eclipse BDT IDE. BASIS employees may participate in discussions as moderators or resources, but the group is intended to encourage community interaction.

The IDE User Group wiki site is for community sharing of documents, source code samples, images, or other substantive information that is relevant to development of Business BASIC applications. This site is intended for community information exchange, where individual members can edit the wiki site to add or update pages to provide better value to the community. Again, BASIS employees may participate as contributors or moderators, but the site is intended to encourage community information exchange.

We encourage you to join your peers in the IDE User Group by contacting 
TechConTechCon Presentations

TechCon 2017 attendees discovered real value in the conference presentations shared with them towards the end of 2017. They provide reminders of the key concepts and coding details to implement the latest features of the BASIS product set. With this value in mind, BASIS is pleased to share the TechCon 2017 presentations with the broader community. We look forward to seeing you at TechCon 2019 - details to come.

Is your data secure, is your application secure, are you compliant with current security legislation, can you recover from a disaster? Having the right answers to these questions have never been more important to any business. BASIS has been steadily adding features and functionality to the BASIS ecosystem over the years to ensure that you can be secure in every way possible. This session reviews the complete gamut of that functionality; AES-256 bit encryption, disaster recovery, auditing - both code and data auditing, SSL communication, fail safe perpetual licensing, LDAP/Active Directory Authentication, password-protected PDFs, password-protected and encrypted source code, console access control, security certificates, contexts for web application security, HTTPS, Object-level database permissions and event monitoring.

It used to be that if you wanted access to the latest and greatest technology, that you had to migrate your application to BBj. While that is still the recommended path, you can now do it in a step-wise low-risk hybrid fashion. Is your application running the PRO/5, Visual PRO/5, or BBj interpreter? We explore the 16+ years of database improvements that are now available to PRO/5 and Visual PRO/5 users with the new Memory-Mapped File protocol. We'll learn what's possible with the PRO/5 and Visual PRO/5 only XCALL verb. We'll expose the wide variety of BBj utilities that save time and money for every application development challenge; Email/SMS communication, Business Intelligence Dashboard, SOX-compliant console logging, Eclipse PRO/5 compiler IDE plug-in, task scheduling, Google-like FULLTEXT indexing and searching, web application deployment.

Historically, BASIS has provided the components; a DBMS, a programming language and development tools and left it to you to create or enhance your business application. In 2008, we stepped into your shoes and acquired the AddonSoftware ERP package with the goal of modernizing it and making it available to our community as a set of Building Block application modules. We're often asked for our advice and guidance on how to do business application development, this session answers that question. Our application development goals are the same as yours; create maintainable code, be productive, use the correct frameworks, leverage open source projects, preserve modifications through the upgrade cycle, etc. In this session, we'll show you the practical benefits of having chosen Barista for AddonSoftware's development - what feature and function AddonSoftware has inherited with every new release, and demonstrate the milestones along the way as we've been able to leverage enhancements to BBj and the Barista framework. We'll also show how we've leveraged BBj usage of third-party open source projects such as Jasper and Lucene to lower the development and deployment cost of the application. 

The cloud and the web are rapidly becoming the deployment model of choice. BASIS is an early adopter of this technology both for our own internal use and within our technology offerings. This session reviews the various tools available to BASIS developers today. Learn about the built-in Jetty web server, Contexts, BBJSP (similar to ASP and JSP), servlets, BUI and CSS. See demos of a CRUD BBJSP application, servlet usage with third-party devices like the Apple Watch or offering an Amazon skill, BBj powering JavaScript UIs with backend BASIS or third-party data.

The BASIS DBMS, now available for PRO/5 as well as Visual PRO/5 and BBj applications is a modern DBMS that support fast direct-access READ/WRITE syntax as well as SQL syntax. We continue to enhance the functionality of the DBMS. This session will review some of the key BASIS DBMS features and demonstrate new and enhanced functionality. The new Linked Databases feature allows the developer the ability to write simple or complex SQL to access both a BASIS database and a third-party database as if it were a BASIS database. Other functionality that will be demonstrated in this session is the ability to optionally limit/deny remote ODBC/JDBC clients, select text (CSV, TSV) for SQL in the Enterprise Manager, and use the browser-based Enterprise Manager to avoid any versioning incompatibilities.

Each year BASIS adds feature and function to our set of System Administration tools. In this session we'll remind you of the most important components of the tools and cover the newer functionality that we've added in recent years such as Email Services, the ability to run BBj program as event handlers, export/import JSON replication jobs, Enterprise Manager's DB editor Connections tab, view SQL channels/verbs, configure start/stop programs for contexts and individual BBj sessions. View active BBj interpreter sessions, data file access, etc. Naturally, all this functionality is also accessible to your application via the API. Managing your system is even easier than ever before. Maximize your understanding of all the System Administration tasks at your disposal.

In this session, we demonstrate some of the lower level application building block utilities available for your application development. On top of our list is the Dashboard Utility for use in delivering Business Intelligence to your application. We'll explore the plethora of new features that we've added to the Dashboard, over ten in the last major release alone! Our BASIS professional services teams have, over the years, developed a "grab bag" of functionality that we're making available to you as the BBjUtils (BASIS Components, GUI Busy Indicator, etc.), we delve into this valuable utility set to demonstrate its value to you. We also look at new miscellaneous features and improvements to utilities that you already know, like the BASIS fonts jar file for BBJasper/BBj programs, fill a BBJasper report with XML/JSON, the QuickView Grid, BBXImage base64 enhancements, etc.

The Eclipse IDE is a fully featured integrated development environment. BASIS has leveraged the Eclipse framework to add the Business BASIC Development Tools (BDT) plug-ins to deliver a fully-featured CodeEditor, WindowBuilder, AppBuilder and BBjUtils set including Keyword Help, Macro Button, Unit Test, Dialog Wizard, Performance Analyzer, and PRO/5 Compiler. In addition, Eclipse offers many, many other valuable useful plug-ins such as code versioning. This session discusses best practices for working with your next project in the Eclipse IDE while also covering the role of the IDE user group and wiki page.

We never run out of things to add to the language. As technology improves, we have to add language features to utilize it. This session is filled with a cornucopia of enhancements that we have added to the language. Here are some of the highlights that we'll be covering; ON_NATIVE_JAVASCRIPT callback, BBjDirectoryChange, BBjHtmlEdit base64, BBjScrollEvent, BBjColor alpha, STBL for unhandled escape, msgbox timeout, placeholder text and color, list control horizontal alignment, minimize BUI MDI windows, SWITCH statements with strings and objects, USE option addition to the config.bbx file, and dynamically change the client time zone.

This session covers the topic of deployment choices such as Cloud versus on-premise. Using Java's well developed and heavily tested deployment mechanism via JNLP and Java Web Start, consideration for security certificates and classpath management for third-party jars. We'll review several aspects of Web Start and the Thin Client, the Browser User Interface (BUI) along with the Jetty web server, including separate contexts, web services configuration. We'll also review potential disaster scenarios and strategies for implementing a good disaster recovery plan.

This session covers several topics including application architecture and when and how to augment your internal resources with professional services. Also, how to deal with find, train and retain resources for your Business BASIC application development and maintenance. Discover the services that we have available to assist you with this process; mentoring, training, and even recruitment.   
ExtendedExtended Edition Delivers Security, the BASIS DBMS, and Much More

P5 18.0 release
Digital Dashboard Framework
Critical Security Upgrades
A fully functional pre-built digital dashboard has been created for you to install on your development machine where it can be pointed to your data. Data can be retrieved via standard READ/READRECORD logic in stored procedures. This business intelligence tool adds huge strategic value to your character or a graphical application. Read more...
The latest release of the BASIS product set includes critical security and feature updates improving Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) adherence that every compliance officer should be made aware of. Read more...

Included with an Extended Edition license for PRO/5 installations is immediate access to the BASIS DBMS, previously unavailable to our PRO/5 community, via the fast memory-mapped protocol. Visual PRO/5 applications can also gain access to the BASIS DBMS with a simple port number change. Read more about the BASIS DBMS's built-in functionality such as replication.
This PRO/5 and Visual PRO/5 language verb, similar in function and syntax to the CALL verb, gives access to BBj features previously unavailable to our PRO/5 and Visual PRO/5 communities such as ODBC/JDBC connections, web services, browser user interface (BUI) applications, modern report writing, Google Doc integration, fax and email utilities and much, much more... Read more...
ConnectedStaying Connected with The BASIS Advantage
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