January 26, 2015

BASIS International Ltd releases BBj, Barista Application Framework, and AddonSoftware by Barista version 14.21. This maintenance release incorporates all customer requested fixes listed in the Fixes file and includes support for Oracle's most recent Java 7u76 and 8u31, which contains their latest and highest threat level (CVSS Base Score = 10) security fixes and additional, but non-critical bug fixes.


New BBj 15.0 preview features are incorporated into this release, including enhanced dashboard widgets to better facilitate drilldown functionality from chart and grid widgets.  


Download 14.21 and try out all of these new features:

Click here for a cumulative list of the 15.0 features available for preview in this release. The list is quite substantive so this is a great time to start testing and get your wishes and wants submitted before they are finally codified in the 15.0 release. 

Refer to the online readme, relnotes, and fixes files for additional details.

Addon BBj 15.0 Preview Features
Language Interpreter
  • Adds events from a list control (BBjListButton or BBjListEdit) that is in a Grid; GUI only
  • Adds an Enhanced Grid Selection model; GUI only (BUI implementation is in progress)
    • Allows true multiple cell selections using Ctrl/Cmd clicks to select or deselect individual cells
    • Users can choose Legacy or Enhanced Grid selection models in each Grid
Development Tools
  • Dashboard Widget enhancements
    • Adds the ability to override either the left click, right click, or all click events on a dashboard widget
    • Adds the ability to view the data that comprises a Dashboard Widget, or export it to a delimited file
System Administration
  • Adds ability to optionally specify bind DN and password when using LDAP authentication
BBj AddonSoftware 15.0 Preview Features
  • In addition to the appearance of more drilldowns sprinkled throughout the product, see the new drilldown capability to the GL Income Comparison widget. Click on a period revenue column, and the chart changes to show the revenue for that period by account. Then click on an account column to drill further and see a grid showing the transactions for the account for the period.

  • Updates Accounts Payable Export 1099 Data to Text for 2014 export to Account Ability
BBj More Information
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