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March 29, 2024



BASIS International Ltd. releases version 24.00 of BBj®, the Barista® Application Framework, and AddonSoftware®.

BASIS Protects Your Budget

BBj 24.00 is built with Java 17, and now runs with either Java 17 or Java 21. This facilitates giving BASIS customers the choice of running on an open source version of Java 17 or 21 LTS versions or the limited-time free Oracle Java 21 LTS, ahead of Oracle Java 17 LTS’s end-of-free update cycle in September 2024. Here's Oracle’s new 2023 pricing structure.

See the highlights for 24.00 described below and for additional details, you can refer to BASIS Products 24.00 Up Close and the Readme, Relnotes, and Fixes for more information.

Download and upgrade to 24.00 today!

BBj 24+ JAR Directory Changes

Java 21 no longer supports the use of index JARs, so for BBj versions 24.00 and above, JARs will be installed under a new /.lib (note the dot) directory instead of the /lib directory.

We strongly advise reading the BBj 24+ JAR Directory Change Knowledge Base (KB) article for more detail.

BASIS also recommends performing an uninstall before upgrading to BBj 24.00 so that most older BBj-supplied JARs are removed by this process.

BASIS’ “future-proofing” approach to new product releases provides a low-risk, and low cost path to an upgrade process. To this end, outside the optional recommendations made in the KB article, this JAR directory change will not have any impact on functionality or on end users installing BBj.

TechCon '24

BASIS invites you to attend the TechCon ‘24 technical conference in Albuquerque from June 3-5, titled “Untethered” Attend inspiring sessions packed with the latest BASIS technology updates and get the opportunity for priceless networking! Stay on for one of the many training sessions available on June 6 and 7. Sign up before April 22nd, and you’ll receive the Early Bird Discount.


With every new release BASIS reviews the product for potential security threat risks. To ensure that your applications benefit from and remain secure, we recommend scheduling regular upgrades to our latest releases, as we continuously work to limit your application’s exposure to potential security vulnerabilities.

BBj 24.00 Enhancements

Blue Swirling Time Vortex

NEW! BBjInputT

The BBjInputT facilitates working with times, similar to how the BBjInputD works with dates. Control time with the new BBj input! You can find the documentation for BBjInputT here.

Construction of a Web Application

NEW! BBjWebComponent

Web components allow you to reuse interactive and customizable elements within your web applications. With BBjWebComponent, you can manage DWC Components and other web components to get the look and feel that you desire. You can find the documentation for it here.

DWC CSS Custom Properties and Element Names

Significant changes have been made to the DWC's CSS custom properties and element names in BBj 24.00. We changed over 500 CSS custom properties from

"--bbj-*" to "--dwc-*", and renamed several DOM elements.

Refer to the BBj 24.00 CSS Custom Properties and Component Changes Knowledge Base article for more information.

AddonSoftware 24.00 Enhancements

Purple credit card with shopping items popping out of a door.

AddonSoftware continues its history of constant improvement with additional features, increased functionality, and updated technology. We’ve highlighted some of the enhancements for the release of 24.00.

Accounts Payable - Credit Cards

Accounts Payable can now handle invoices that have been paid with a credit card. In Invoice Entry, mark desired invoices as already paid by credit card, which automatically generates a corresponding invoice for the credit card company that appears in Payment Selection Entry.

NEW! Order/Invoice Entry - Kitting

The new Kitting feature in Order/Invoice Entry facilitates grouping items often sold together into a kit. Users can edit or change the kit components. The picking slip shows the components to be picked, and the customer invoice shows both the kit and its components.

NEW! Accounts Payable - Positive Pay

Positive Pay files can be generated based on the Bank Account Code. Example programs for generating Positive Pay files are included for Bank of America and City National Bank.

You can find the rest of the AddonSoftware enhancements in the BASIS Products 24.00 Up and Close and the AddonSoftware Relnotes.

Barista 24.00 Enhancements

Database - VKEYED Tables Made Faster

VKEYED tables now store the string template for the record in the Text area of the file (see BBjFileInfo::setText). This eliminates costly performance overhead to dynamically retrieve the file layout information from the Data Dictionary or the error-prone hard coding of record layouts in program code.

The performance benefit will be particularly pronounced in high-volume trigger operations which offer access to the template via the getFileComment() method.

You can find other Barista performance and feature enhancements in the BASIS Products 24.00 Up Close and the Barista Relnotes.

Download and upgrade to 24.00 today!

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