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BASIS International Ltd. releases version 14.11 of BBj�, Barista� Application Framework, and AddonSoftware� by Barista. This maintenance release incorporates all customer requested fixes listed in the Fixes file. In addition, BASIS refactored the grid in order to close out nearly 20 bugs. This refactoring further positions the product for implementing customer requested grid enhancements as 15.0 preview features in a subsequent 14.x release.  


The Dashboard Utility and the BBJasper Utility now include high pixel density images for markedly improved display quality. View an Example Dashboard on your high density display device by clicking here.


This release also includes several new 15.0 preview features listed below; one of the most exciting is the new Widget Wizard. 

Click here for a cumulative list of all 15.0 preview features. 


Download 14.11 and try out these new preview features:

Refer to the online readme, relnotes, and fixes files for 14.11.

BBjBBj 15.0 Preview Features - New in 14.11
Click here for the full list of 15.0 preview features


  • Adds the ability to set the minimum size of top level windows
  • Adds the ability to set node-specific selection icons on a BBjTree
  • Adds several BBjRecordSet access methods including getMode(), getFileName(), getConnectString(), getTemplate(), isUpdatable(), isScrollSensitive(), getQuery()
  • Adds BBjMenuButton enhancements
  • Adds the ability to remove all controls on the child window from the tab traversal sequence in a single operation using BBjChildWindow::setTabTraversable(false)
  • Adds the ability to scale button and menu images
  • Adds the ability to retrieve the size of a BBjImage
  • Adds the ability to retrieve information about multiple monitors and device pixel ratio with new  BBjSystemMetrics methods
  • Adds the ability to show the tooltip text programmatically
  • Adds the ability to configure whether a BBjImageCtrl should be grayed out when disabled

Development Tools

  • Adds a new Widget Wizard that generates BBj object-oriented code to create widgets, widget sets, or widget dashboards
  • Enhances Dashboard widgets
    • Specify the padding, background, and frame for a chart's legend
    • Customize the size of a chart's legend shapes
    • Specify the padding for a chart
    • Specify the width for lines in a flat line chart
    • Set GridWidget's column widths based on a percentage of its total width
    • Set a diffused shadow on a chart plot
    • Specify the font family, size, and color for all chart elements
    • Specify additional chart legend shapes
    • Format chart range axis values as currency

Database Management

  • Adds new  STRIP_ACCENTS SQL scalar function to remove accent marks from the provided string

System Administration

  • Enhances Jetty Web Server

    • Adds the ability to configure multiple web application contexts using a configuration file, the Admin API, or Enterprise Manager

    • Adds the ability to limit Enterprise Manager access to specified host names using the installed Jetty Web Server 

Application Building Blocks and Utilities

  • Enhances BBJasper Utility - renders high resolution report images for high density displays, i.e. Apple Retina devices

  • Enhances BBXImage Utility
    • Adds the ability to flip an image horizontally and vertically
    • Adds the ability to crop the transparent edges of the original image
BaristaBarista 15.0 Preview Features - New in 14.11
Click here for the full list of 15.0 preview features
  • Security enhancements

    • User credential arguments removed from BUI app configuration when launching in browser

    • "Save Password" login option replaced with "Remember User"

    • User ID and password now encrypted in the URL

  • Adds support for independent group namespaces, allowing the running of multiple instances of Barista from the Barista Installation Manager without overlapping namespaces

  • Drilldown enhancements - adds Before/After Column Drilldown (BDRL/ADRL) callpoints

AddonSoftwareAddonSoftware 15.0 Preview Features - New in 14.11
Click here for the full list of 15.0 preview features
  • Enhanced Balance Drilldown
    • Runs a new custom query to view outstanding AR Invoices, showing the original invoice amount, transaction amount total and current balance, with down-totals.
    • New link on invoice number launches another query into the invoice payment transactions.
  • New Sales Drilldowns
    • Available on the MTD, YTD, Prior Year, and Future sales fields when Order Processing is installed
    • Shows invoice information for the selected time frame
    • Displays a new link on the invoice number that launches the OP Historical Invoice form
More Information
Download this new release today. See Barista in action by including AddonSoftware with your download and see an example of an ERP built completely with Barista.
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