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BASIS International Ltd. releases version 14.20 of BBj�, Barista� Application Framework, and AddonSoftware� by Barista. This maintenance release incorporates all customer requested fixes listed in the Fixes file.


A number of new BBj 15.0 preview features are incorporated into this release, including these highlights: 

  • Eclipse IDE BDT update with the latest version of WindowBuilder
  • Significant enhancements to the Dashboard widgets
  • Improved data replication
  • Added getOpenFileExtracted() and getOpenFileLocked() methods to the Admin API
  • An extended task manager and user/hostname reporting of record and file locks in Barista
  • New default view/edit modes for file maintenance tasks in Barista
  • Optimized document management in AddonSoftware  

Download 14.20 and try out all of these new preview features:


Click here for a cumulative list of all the 15.0 features available for preview in this release. The list of features is quite substantive so this is a great time to start testing out the new features and get your wishes and wants submitted before they are finally codified in the 15.0 release. 


Refer to the online readme, relnotes, and fixes files for additional details. 



BBjBBj 15.0 Preview Features - New in 14.20
Click here for the full list of 15.0 preview features


  • Adds the ability to position the MSGBOX dialog at a particular screen location

  • Adds ability to programmatically show the tooltip text

  • Add ability to set the disabled text color

  • Adds the ability to include images next to list items without the need to resort to html

  • Adds the ability to get low level mouse events (mouse down, mouse up, double click, etc) on the window for all controls

  • Adds a new method resolvePath() to BBjAPI BBjFileSystem class that takes the relative file path and returns the fully resolved path taking into account any prefix configurations

  • Adds a new method  getOpenFileLocked() to the Admin API that returns the BBjAdminOpenFile instance (containing user and host) for that lock

  • Adds a new method  getOpenFileExtracted() to the Admin API that returns the BBjAdminOpenFile instance (containing user and host) for an EXTRACTed record

Development Tools

  • Widget enhancements
    • Adds the ability for a program to handle any click events on a dashboard widget, and adds default behavior for click events if no custom event handler has been defined

    • Adds tips that are displayed when left clicking on data in a chart widget

    • Displays the widget's configuration menu by default when right clicking on a dashboard widget

    • Adds ability to save and email the Dashboard's GridWidget, similar to ChartWidgets

    • Adds setPopoutSize() to the DashboardWidget to control the size of the popout window

    • Adds a setColumnStyle() method to the GridWidget to set a default column style facilitating the display of different data types

    • Adds a setColumnMask() method to the GridWidget so that you can set an output mask for InputE, InputN, and InputD style cells

    • Adds the ability to set the main grid and header fonts for the GridWidget

  • WindowBuilder enhancements

    • Adds support for top-level controls: ChildWindows, MenuBars, PopupMenus, FileRecordSets, and SQLRecordSets
    • Adds support for controls: BarCharts, FontChoosers, InputNSpinners, LineCharts, MenuButtons, PieCharts, PrintPreviews, ScrollBars, Sliders, TabControls, ToolButtons, and BasisTrees
    • Adds font, color, and enumerations editors so that setting the correct property value is easier
    • Adds mouse-driven drag-and-drop model to create and add to top-level controls and menus instead of choosing from a right-click menu
  • Adds a new BBjUnitTest Eclipse plug-in

    • Provides the ability to create and execute BBj source code unit tests similar to JUnit for Java
    • Provides the ability to view a summary of the success/failure results from executing unit tests on BBj source code
  • Adds support for Java 8 compiling of Jasper Reports (.jrxml files) 

Database Management

  • Refactored replication

    • Better handling of the number of open files

    • Better copy logic for any small files and large string files 

System Administration

  • Adds support for "+" and "-" in the hosts.equiv for rhosts authentication 

BaristaBarista 15.0 Preview Features - New in 14.20
Click here for the full list of 15.0 preview features
  • New View/Edit Modes in Standard Maintenance Form

    • Shows existing records initially in view mode within standard maintenance and header/detail forms

    • Allows changes after triggering the 'Edit' function using the toolbutton, [F2] or menu item

  • Enhanced Task Manager - Shows all available columns in the Admin API and the Menu Option ID (task name) from System Tasks table to make it easier to see which tasks are active and/or terminate a task without having to go into Enterprise Manager

  • File open and error routines incorporate new BBj methods to report the user and host associated with a file or record lock

  • Updated User Permissions in Enterprise Manager - Sets 'BBj Processes' and 'View Open File' permissions for users created in Barista to facilitate using the new error handling and task manager enhancements

  • New Barista MDI customizing "hook" - Adds the ability to run customizing program to add background images or color, etc. to the Barista MDI

  • Translation enhancements - Moves translations for user authentication prompts and FROM/TO labels to resource bundles

  • Callpoint improvements - 

    • Search and replace functionality improved

    • setFocus() method now allows option to also start edit mode in a standard maintenance form

AddonSoftwareAddonSoftware 15.0 Preview Features - New in 14.20
Click here for the full list of 15.0 preview features
  • File open and error routines incorporate new BBj methods to report the user and host associated with a file or record lock
  • Dashboard adds support for local currency in various countries by way of a new currency method for applicable widgets 


  • Enhanced AR Simple Invoice and Statements
    • Generates a Print copy for those invoices or statements that need printing, in addition to the Master copy
    • Forwards documents to email/fax queue only upon approval
  • Enhanced on-demand Customer Statement
    • Enables the 'Send via Report Control' checkbox only if email or fax transmission is specified
    • Prompts for approval before forwarding the statement to the document queue upon closing the statement viewer
  • Optimized GL posting routine for better performance 


  • Improved performance when creating a Duplicate or Credit Memo in Order/Invoice Entry
    • Shows data from the historical invoice header table for faster query result
    • Adds hyperlinks in the query grid to allow user to launch a secondary query or the Invoice History Inquiry form
  • OP Invoicing enhancements
    • Generates a Print copy for those invoices that need printing, in addition to the Master copy
    • Launches a new form from the 'Print Now' button in Invoice Entry so the user can specify a message for the on-demand invoice and whether to process the invoice per the report control settings
    • Adds prompt to update the print file in on-demand as well as batch invoices 
    • Sets print flags and adds applicable invoices to the document process queue only upon approval
  • Optimized SQL in Inventory Stock Status Report for better performance
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