Technical Communique 
March 16, 2020

BASIS International Ltd. releases BBj®, the Barista® Application Framework, and AddonSoftware® by Barista version 19.22 This maintenance release incorporates all customer requested fixes listed in the Fixes file and incorporates version 20.0 preview features.

Additionally, this release includes improvements for desktop application deployments extending the functionality first included in revision 19.20 released on December 13, 2019. Read the details below.

Download   19.22 today and for additional details, refer to the readme, relnotes, and fixes files.

startReplacement for Java's Web Start for Your Desktop Apps
This exciting Desktop App deployment BBj 20 functionality that we first previewed with BBj 19.20 is now feature complete and has been further improved:

Oracle has removed Web Start from all LTS (long-term support) versions after Java 8. The BASIS replacement is the near-zero Desktop App deployment framework. It offers significant performance improvements and benefits over Java Web Start. The desktop apps are accessible from the default Jetty home page. Once configured in Enterprise Manager (EM), each Desktop App:
  • Is available as a download via a URL 
  • Downloads and installs the needed JAR from the server to the desktop
  • If necessary, downloads and installs the appropriate JRE
  • Does not require security certificates
  • Is updated automatically on the client when changes are made on the server via EM
Today's release of revision 19.22 adds new performance enhancements for desktop applications through persistent client-side caching. After the first deployment to both servers and client machines, subsequent launches are significantly faster with the new caching function. Additionally, the customizable splash screens can now be moved and overlapped by other windows. Below are sample screenshots of the Enterprise Manager's application configuration and the Jetty home page showing configured applications with clickable links:
The AON app in Enterprise Manager that provides the Web and Desktop App URLs
The default Jetty start page's Apps section that lists the defined Web and Desktop Apps

secureA More Secure BLM
In advance of the release of BBj 20 and BBx 20, BASIS last week announced the release of its updated BASIS License Manager (BLM), revision 20, which addresses multiple security vulnerabilities in the underlying third-party FlexNet Publisher software component of the BLM. All prior versions of the BLM, including the version in today's 19.22 release, used by PRO/5, Visual PRO/5, and BBj are vulnerable to these exploits in FlexNet Publisher. The new BLM 20.0 incorporates the latest security fixes and is backward compatible with older BBj, Visual PRO/5, and PRO/5 interpreters. See details from the announcement. The revision 20 version of the BLM requires a version 20 BASIS license. If you have a version 20 BASIS license, we strongly encourage you to install the more secure version 20 BLM.
ConnectedStaying Connected
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