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October 24, 2016                                                             TC-16010

BASIS International Ltd releases BBj®, the Barista® Application Framework, and AddonSoftware® by Barista version 16.20. This maintenance release also incorporates all customer requested fixes listed in the Fixes file and incorporates new 17.0 preview features listed below.

Download  16.20 today and for additional details, refer to the readme, relnotes, and fixes files.

NEWNEW BBj 17.0 Preview Features in this release
Click here for the full list of 17.0 preview features
  • Adds the ability via optional STBL entries to specify programs to be automatically called in the event of an unhandled error or escape
  • Adds the BBjControlScrollEvent to several new controls, along with the ability to programmatically manipulate the scrollbars
Database Management
  • Adds the ability to configure a classpath at the database level for use when executing SPROCs
System Administration
  • Adds the ability to specify an Email Service and/or BBj program to be run as an event handler to notify/handle a variety of events including replication problems, low memory, unresponsive BBj processes, and excessive BBj processes
Building Blocks - Digital Dashboard Utility
  • Adds the ability to show the BBjBusyIndicator with a configurable message when the DashboardCategory initially creates widgets
  • Adds the ability to set the alignment for DashboardWidget titles
  • Adds the ability to set the alignment for the GridWidget's column headers
  • Adds a new setAutoResizeGrid() method that causes the GridWidget to size its columns based on the header and cell text, preventing data from being truncated
  • Adds the ability to set whether the GridWidget is horizontally and/or vertically scrollable
Development Tools
  • The new Resources Model lets the user mark specific files/folders as included in/excluded from both the Source Path and the Build Path. These paths determine which files/folders will be parsed/interpreted (the Source Path) or tokenized/copied to the output folder (the Build Path). It specifically handles the problem of having files with no extensions or with unrecognizable extensions, by giving BDT an alternative way to determine how to handle them during parsing or building.
BaristaNEW Barista 17.0 Preview Features in this release
Click here for the full list of 17.0 preview features
Feature Improvements
  • Adds Lucene Query Builder form option to the Barista query
  • Integrates the Expresso Search functionality with the Barista query
AddonNEW AddonSoftware 17.0 Preview Features in this release
Click here for the full list of 17.0 preview features
  • Custom Inventory Item lookup has been visually enhanced to include a small image of the item to be selected in the lookup grid
Digital Dashboard
  • The GL Income Account Totals grid widget now incorporates a new BBj dashboard method to size column widths based on the contents of the column headings and the first few rows of data
License Agreement Form
  • New license agreement form is presented when you launch Addon, giving the end user (not just the VAR/installer) a chance to read and accept the agreement. The form will continue to appear until the user clicks the Accept option.
  • Enhanced AddonSoftware's license agreement form to have OK/Cancel buttons for more intuitive operation
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