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 January 31, 2019                                                               TC-19000

BASIS International Ltd. releases BBj®, the Barista® Application Framework, and AddonSoftware® by Barista version 18.20. Of particular note in this release is the support of BBj on BOTH OpenJDK 11 and Oracle Java 8 and Java 11 - the details can be found below.


This release also incorporates all customer requested fixes listed in the Fixes file and incorporates version 19.0 preview features.

Download and install version  18.20 today! For additional details, refer to the readme, relnotes, and fixes files.

Oracle's Java Updates
With this release of BBj 18.20, BASIS is providing a smooth transitionary path forward for its customers in order to accommodate Oracle's changes to Java. The last public (free) critical security patch update of Java 8 is now available. Oracle's Java 11 and further Java 8 critical security patch updates, the first of which is scheduled for April 2019, all require that end users enter into an annual fee-based support contract with Oracle. The fee is determined by the number of desktops and servers which have Oracle Java installed, either a JRE or a JDK. See Oracle's price list here. For server volumes under 100 and desktop volumes under 1,000, the prices appear to be $30/annum/desktop(named user) and $300/annum/server (single core chips). For Oracle's server pricing table, see their Processor Core Factor Table.

Fortunately for our BASIS community, there are choices to ensure that the Java your BBj application requires is maintained and secure. This BBj version, the 18.20 release, supports both OpenJDK 11 and Oracle's Java 8 and Java 11. OpenJDK Java and Oracle's Java are essentially identical at initial release. By April 2019, end users running BBj will need either a support agreement with Oracle for Java 8 or to have BASIS SAM maintenance and support coverage in order to take fulfillment of the BBj 18.20 release for Java 11. 

The most cost-effective path for end users is to upgrade to BBj 18.20 and remain current with BASIS technology on the OpenJDK. Contact your BASIS Account Manager to discuss your individual situation and to assist you in your decision making.
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