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April 26, 2017                                                                     MC-17004

BASIS Releases BBj® and Barista®  version 17.0 is available for  download now. To list every new enhancement would lead to a very long announcement so we picked a few of the most exciting enhancements below and documented the balance HERE for your reading pleasure.

Download and install version 17.0 today! For additional details, refer to the readme, relnotes, and fixes files.

BBj 17.0 Highlights

BBj to
Oracle/MySQL/SQL Server

Integrating BBj
and JavaScript

Linking Databases
Email Service

Adds the ability to pass arbitrary events and data between BBj and JavaScript running in a BBjHtmlView via the ON_NATIVE_JAVASCRIPT callback

Adds the ability to configure a named, linked database that points to any 3rd party JDBC database. Tables from a linked database can be used just like any table in a BBj database.
Adds the ability to specify an Email Service and/or BBj program to be run as an event handler to notify/handle a variety of events including replication issues, low memory, and the status of BBj processes.

Widget Enhancements
Web Page 
PRO/5 Compiler
Dashboard Widgets
Adds BBJSP functionality. BBJSP helps BBx developers create dynamically generated web pages. BBJSP is similar to JSP, PHP, ASP and React's JSX but it uses the BBj programming language.
Adds a new PRO/5 compiler plug-in to the BBjUtils Plug-in Suite, facilitating the use of Eclipse for development and testing of PRO/5 code. 
Adds over 10 new enhancements to the Dashboard Building Block Utility
Detail grid on tabs

Forms Designer
Custom Queries
Query Design Tool
Adds "Detail Grid on Tab" support to Form Designer and the standard maintenance form
The SpeedSearch functionality from legacy Addon has been brought over into Expresso, thanks to the ability inherited from Barista to launch custom queries
Enhances the query design tool to work with certain callpoints to allow programmatic control of (for example) query window title, filter and search definitions, and right-click menu options

Interested in learning about the many more features and enhancements in
BBj and Barista version 17.0?

Update to BBj 17.0 Now!

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