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April 17, 2018                                                                     MC-18000

BASIS releases BBj® and Barista® version 18.0 and a new BLM. They are available for download now. We picked a few of the most exciting enhancements to highlight below and documented the balance HERE for your reading pleasure.

Note: The new BASIS License Manager (BLM) upgraded to FlexNET version 2017 R1 (11.15.0) is delivered with BBj 18. BBj 18 requires the new BLM. The new BLM is compatible with all older versions of BASIS interpreters that require a BLM. We encourage everyone to upgrade to the latest BLM. There is no cost associated with the new BLM.   

Download and install version 18.0 today! For additional details, refer to the readme, relnotes, and fixes files.

BBj 18.0 Enhancements

NEW Console
Logging Audit Feature

Exits Beta
Performance Improvements
A Sarbanes-Oxley compliant console logging feature logs all command line console keyboard inputs to a tamper-proof log and includes a method to log a "console logging disabled" security breach event for real-time alerts should the feature be disabled.
WindowBuilder - All the features of FormBuilder and much more! Including support for controls previously unavailable, Undo/Redo, Cut-and-Paste, and the ability to work on multiple resource files at the same time to name just a few.

-  Added the ability to get and set data from a range of grid control cells thereby reducing network overhead


- Allowed for the building and populating FULLTEXT indexes in the background

to Further Support
Perpetual Licensing
Java Enhancements 
to the BBj Language

Upgraded Business Intelligence Digital Dashboards
A new, more robust BASIS license manager (BLM) brings improvements to the perpetual license's fail-safe features. Read the full list of improvements here.
Added support for Java varargs methods to be invoked directly using natural syntax and for array types to the DECLARE verb. Also improved BBj syntax for Java array objects.
Added new methods to DashboardWindow and DashboardControl and improvements to GridWidgets
that upgrade both the user and developer experiences.

from BASIS web

Improved System Administration
SQL Enhancements
BLM Updated to Support FlexNET version
2017 R1 (11.15.0)

- Integrated BBjServices metrics with Prometheus for system monitoring and alerts. Additionally, developers are free to add their own custom metrics that could be application specific.


- Configuration history is now tracked to allow administrators to view changes to files in the cfg directory

- Added a new logging level to the SQL engine to log SQL statements along with the user performing it


- Now supports the SHA2 scalar function


- Added new syntax to efficiently update table columns mapped by a join

Updated FlexNET version to 2017 R1 (11.15.0) to get the latest FlexNET fixed issues. The BASIS License Manager (BLM) and BBjServices were updated to include both server and client side fixed issues. The 18.00 BBj clients now require an 18.00 (FlexNET version 11.15.0) or better BLM. The 18.00 BLM is backward compatible with older BBj versions.

Document Output
Easily Reset Forms
to Defaults
New Form
Checkbox Option
Substantial enhancements and corrections to the Document Output (DocOut) sub-system, including column justification is now reflected in the column adjustments grid
Adds a new menu item for end users "Reset Form" (Ctrl-F5) that acts upon the standard maintenance and query forms by closing the form and removing any form-related user settings, thus reverting it back to its originally designed state the next time it is run.
Adds new ease of use functionality to the "Use checkbox entry" option in the maintenance and detail grids. This option adds a dynamic context menu to each checkbox column with Select/Deselect All and Select/Deselect Highlighted rows.

Interested in learning about the many more features and enhancements in  BBj and Barista version 18.0 and the new BLM?

Update to BBj 18.0 Now!
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