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April 30, 2019                                                                     MC-19002

BASIS releases BBj® and Barista® version 19.0 and they are available for download now. We have selected a few of the most exciting enhancements to highlight below and documented the balance HERE for your reading pleasure. Additionally, this release is fully Java 11 compatible.

Download and install version 19.0 today! For additional details, refer to the readme, relnotes, and fixes files.

BBj 19.0 Enhancements


Added a new XCALL server built into BBjServices, making it even easier to configure in Enterprise Manager and delivers more robust functionality.
Added efficiencies to WindowBuilder such as the ability to change the same property across multiple controls simultaneously.
A new Chromium-based WYSIWYG editor (BBjHtmlEdit control) is available with superior HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript performance and eliminates the need for JavaFX or OpenJFX.

Jasper widget toolbar
Improved Dashboard Widget Flexibility
Easier to Use
Enterprise Manager (EM)

Improved Readability in Dashboard Widgets
Improved the flexibility of dashboard widgets with the ability to create your own custom popup menus and right-click controls
Added filtering in various EM panels to make it easier to locate and use the wealth of system administration information.
Dashboard widgets now display JasperReports without the toolbar improving their visibility. The toolbar is still offered with a right-click.

New Faster
Performing Chromium Engine

Better Dashboard
Error Handling

More Informative

Delivers superior HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript performance and eliminates the need for JavaFX or OpenJFX.
The Dashboard Utility now by default continues program execution when a widget has a problem querying the data, displaying the problem description in the widget where possible instead of just halting with an error.
Enhances ChartWidgets by offering more control over label aspects such as formatting, positioning, font styles, and markers, resulting in nicer-looking, more informative charts to facilitate better decision making.

Screen Capture
Improved Role Permissions
A picture really is worth 1,000 words. This new capability captures and emails screen images for improved troubleshooting. It is particularly useful with its integration into the error reporting system. IT administrators will love it!
What users can view, edit, or delete is critical to any system. A new selectable permissions feature for administrators eases the complexity of managing a user's permissions.
Enhancements include being able to view source documents, when available, and improvements in managing the processing queue.

Learn about the many new features and enhancements
in BBj and Barista version 19.0

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