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September 23, 2019 

BASIS International Ltd releases PRO/5® and Visual PRO/5® 19.0 as part of the most significant upgrade to the BBx® Generations in decades. The BBx 'Generations' designation incorporates the full stack of BASIS technology; including the PRO/5 family and BBj.

BASIS encourages their PRO/5 communities to download BBx version 19 to get PRO/5 and Visual PRO/5 19.0 with access to the power and functionality of the BASIS DBMS, a full web server, web services, output to Office and PDF file formats, open-source utilities like emailing, charting and report writing, a true thin-client terminal emulator replacement, and the power of SQL. Also included are a new more intuitive installer and a configuration wizard, and much, much more.

Upgrade and install version 19 today! For additional details, read on and refer to the BBx readme and relnotes file.

  TechConRevision 19 Features
Preconfigured Integration of PRO/5 with the BASIS DBMS
PRO/5 is now pre-configured to use the fast memory-mapped protocol to access the BASIS DBMS, which includes features such as Full-Text indexes for Google-like lightning fast searches on existing PRO/5 data files, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Data Replication, and Change Auditing. Best of all, no data conversion is necessary! BASIS has made it even easier for PRO/5 applications to  Automatically Get Over 15-Years of DBMS Enhancements.

PRO/5 is Preconfigured to use XCALL
BASIS has long touted the power of the PRO/5 XCALL verb as an easy-to-use language extension to access BBj and Java features that are either difficult to implement or non-existent in PRO/5. The release of version 19, has preconfigured the use of the XCALL service to assist developers in quickly adding features such as emailing, printing PDFs, creating reports and forms using the open-source Jasper report writer, accessing databases via JDBC and ODBC, parsing XML documents, executing SQL, using and consuming web services, writing mobile applications and much, much more...

Here is the article that first introduced the XCALL concept - If it's Easier in BBj, Then Just XCALL it Forward .

Easier and More Intuitive Installer
The ease of use found for years in the BBj installer has been brought to the PRO/5 product with the addition of the BASIS Customer Installer. The new installation wizard includes a language selector and easy configuration features and can be used to install non-BASIS products as well. The installer can run with a graphical or character interface depending on the server and allows for recording and playback for automated installation and uninstalls. HERE is the NEW documentation for Installing BBx.
  TechConA TechCon for the PRO/5 Community
Perhaps in the past, some in the BASIS PRO/5 community may have felt that the latest features and utilities were exclusively for BBj developers - this is not the case! We now have the solution to get you there with your existing PRO/5 interpreters. All of the TechCon content is relevant and available to you via the new installer and the pre-configured memory-mapped protocol to access the BASIS DBMS.

This year's TechCon theme is "Force for the Future, eXtending Your Reach" and this is particularly true for the PRO/5 community. Join your development peers on October 28-30 in Las Vegas, NV. HERE is additional information for your consideration. 
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