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April 4, 2020

BASIS releases BBx® and Barista® version 20.0 and makes them available for download now. We have selected a few of the most exciting enhancements to highlight below and documented the balance HERE for your reading pleasure.

Download and install version 20.0 today! For additional details, refer to the readme, relnotes, and fixes files.

BBx 20.0 Enhancements

New Classloader
Superior Replacement
for Web Start
Faster Remote Deployment Performance
Enhances BBj's classloader and classpath functionality, Allows developers to use a different version of a jar file that BBj requires. Facilitated by Session-Specific Classpaths (SSCPs).
Provides Desktop Apps, BASIS' replacement for Java's Web Start application deployment infrastructure. Desktop Apps are configured in Enterprise Manager (EM). Announcement details HERE.
BBj thin clients now have the same capabilities as Java Web Start remote deployments: the application will dynamically determine which classes it needs and download those from BBj Services on demand.
Desktpop Apps
Improved Dashboard Widget Flexibility
Metrics for Better
System Administration

Fast, Full-featured
Added an Apps section to the Jetty default start page to provide a dynamic list of defined remote BUI and Desktop Applications.
Added support for gathering BLM statistics to BBj Metrics. For more detail review the Tech Spotlight article HERE.
Added the GridExWidget to the Dashboard Utility, uses the BBjGridExWidget plug-in; a fast, full-featured grid that offers filtering, grouping, pinning, pivoting, and CSS and rules-based styling.

Faster Editing
Customizable Desktop and Web App Load Image
Min/Max BBj Splash
Window Timing

Added a BDT user preference setting to improve response times while editing large BBj source file projects. This interim solution enables developers to trade some code completion functionality for faster performance.
Added the ability to specify the
load image for both Desktop and Web apps, the minimum and maximum amount of time that the image displays, and the ability to reposition the splash image.
Added the ability to specify the minimum and maximum amount of time that the BBj splash displays, and the ability to reposition the splash image.

Enhanced Company Searches
Popup Calendars
in Grid Forms
Toggle Hyperlinks
in Barista Query
Enhances the Change Company selection to provide all the functionality of a Barista query for searching, filtering and selecting a company. Very beneficial when many companies are involved!
Adds a popup calendar function to the maintenance and detail grids for cells of type InputD. Utilizes recently added BBjGrid::showCalendarForCell.
Adds a new "Enable Drill Downs" option to the query form for activating and deactivating cells with hyperlinks. The state of the option is saved by user and query or table id.

Learn about the many new features and enhancements
in BBj and Barista version 20.0

Update to BBj 20.0 Now!
futureBBj in the Future

As part of our Quality Focus Period, we are evaluating a number of our technology offerings so that we can focus more on technologies that align with the industry emphasis we have begun seeing on mobi le and distributed application environments. Now that BBJSP has been included in our BBj releases for several years, it has become obvious that it does not offer any unique functionality or capability that cannot be offered as well, or better, via web services, web servlets, or some combination of web-related features that are readily available from BBj and its Jetty web server.

Given that conclusion, BASIS is officially announcing that BBJSP is not a core component of our web technology offerings. The only component under the BBJSP label that will continue to be strategic is the BBJSP Servlet. BASIS will be committing its development resources to other web-based technologies, and will not be actively developing or supporting BBJSP features or functionality.  Correspondingly, please do not use BBJSP to build web-based solutions for your business needs.  Please contact your sales representative if you would like to discuss how you can instead build web solutions using BBj's forward-looking features.
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