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September 5, 2019  

You have application development needs and business problems to resolve. However, your development resources may have left your organization, retired or your existing staff is simply too overwhelmed or do not have the skillset to deliver the latest of what BASIS technology has to deliver.

The newer features and functions of the BASIS product set have grown dramatically over the last thirty years. Where do you turn for the appropriate resources to modify or update your current Business BASIC business solution?

At BASIS, we have heard you
and we have the solution
Problem Statement
The traditional approach for resource constricted organizations was to recruit from the existing but dwindling pool of legacy-style Business BASIC professionals. However, BASIS has a fresh, new strategic approach to consider; hire from the ever-expanding pool of college-trained IT graduates!
StrategyStrategies That Work
Those successful in recruiting and retaining new hires have followed a similar approach. Our own Professional Services team; a significant end-user customer; and a key strategic vertical market partner, have all found success by applying this strategy:
Just like your business, BASIS Professional Services needs to create resources on-demand as well as for enduring projects. Oftentimes a partner approaches us with a difficult set of challenges and the solution to which lies in new technologies. The ideal resource candidate needs to be able to interact with old product sets and work with the latest BBj object-oriented programming language and Java libraries.

This transportation and logistics provider has been successful in recruiting recent college computer science graduates to join their in-house PRO/5 and BBj programming team. The lack of Business BASIC exposure in recent graduates have proven to not be a barrier to their contributions to the team and retention of these eager recruits has been excellent.

This home-building application software developer also required additional resources to meet its growing client base demands. They too have found success in recruiting new college computer science graduates and, working in teams, have established a strong bi-directional sharing of knowledge. Their existing Business BASIC staff learned object-oriented programming while the new graduates quickly picked up the style and structure of Business BASIC while gaining vertical market experience.
ResourcesBASIS Resources and Mentoring Services
BASIS has launched two new services to meet the voiced needs of our community - BASIS Resources and BASIS Mentoring Services.

BASIS Resources is a separate business unit designed to recruit, train, and retain application developers skilled with the knowledge of the latest advancements in information technology and introduce them to the BASIS language and toolset equivalents. These developers are intended to be added to your own in-house development team.

BASIS Mentoring Services has a three-pronged offering:
  1. To expand the skillset of your existing Business BASIC developers to the Java-based world of BBj.
  2. Assist your new hires to bridge their Java/.NET knowledge to BASIS' Business BASIC that is built on Java. We have found the transition to the modern Business BASIC, BBj, to be easy for fresh computer science graduates with their object-oriented and procedural programming knowledge.
  3. And lastly, to assist your in-house non-Business BASIC developers to leverage their Java/.NET knowledge with Business BASIC on Java.
Do these services fit your needs?
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LookingLooking for New Opportunities?
Are you an application developer looking for new opportunities? Consider one of the roles laid out in this message and send your professional resume to
TCA TechCon for the PRO/5 Community
Perhaps in the past, some in the BASIS PRO/5 community may have felt that the latest features and utilities were exclusively for BBj developers - this is not the case! We now have the solution to get you there with your existing PRO/5 interpreters. All of the TechCon content is relevant and available to you via the ability for PRO/5 and BBj to coexist on the same machine and exercise the memory-mapped protocol to access over 15 years of new features in the BASIS DBMS. Don't take our word for it, meet fellow developers who have successfully transitioned their systems to this hybrid configuration on user counts of up to 800 concurrent users without experiencing performance degradation!

This year's TechCon theme is " Force for the Future, eXtending Your Reach" and this is particularly true for the PRO/5 community. Join your development peers on October 28-30 in Las Vegas, NV. HERE is additional information for your consideration. 
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