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If you've not heard, TechCon2013 was an overwhelming success. Here are just a few of the comments our attendees have shared about "Develop Once and Click-Tap Everywhere!"...



"Well done!" 
"Content very valuable."

"Really liked the direction with emphasis on BUI, Eclipse, and DBMS."

"Love what BASIS has done with AWS and moving to the cloud."

"This was my first TechCon and I found it quite enjoyable... just wanted MORE. =)"

Although you weren't able to attend, we would like to share the session presentations and encourage you to take a look at them. See for yourself what your colleagues are excited about. Simply click the links below or view the complete listing of all the sessions on the website at www.basis.com/techcon2013-sessions.

We also encourage you to try out the demos first-hand that we shared at TechCon! Go to links.basis.com/tc13 and download/unzip demos.zip.


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