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August 13, 2019    

BASIS International Ltd. has streamlined the process for handling requests for emergency or evaluation licenses effective immediately. These changes allow BASIS to continue to provide evaluation licenses as well as expediting the re-licensing process in the event of an emergency when the time to recover is critical.
Emergency  Licenses

BASIS offers several emergency license options that will survive the failure of a single license server. These are:
  • A redundant license triad of three license servers
  • A backup license offering

In the event that neither of these options are in effect and you experience a catastrophic failure of your license server, you can be up and running in short order with a different license server as long as you have your BASIS serial number and authorization number at hand. 

Simply re-register your BASIS serial number on the replacement license server. This will result in the delivery of one of three temporary licenses:
  1. Should your license pre-date the perpetual model and your BASIS License Manager (BLM) is out-of-date, a temporary perpetual license with the same serial number and number of users as the original license is delivered with the re-registration. This allows you time to download and install a current BLM for perpetual license support. 
  2. A new perpetual license with the same serial number and the same number of users as was installed on the original license server. In the event that the original license server is resurrected, the license on the new server will be temporary. It will be subject to being disabled unless you completely remove the BLM from either the original license server or the replacement license server, as otherwise, you will be doubling your available user count in contravention of your agreed BASIS license terms and conditions.
  3. If you have a virtual license, which requires an active Software Asset Management (SAM) contract, and you have not yet renewed your SAM contract, a new emergency 7-day license is delivered with the same serial number and the same number of users as the original license. This allows you time to obtain a reset from your BASIS Account Manager and receive a perpetual license for the license server. 
Should you not have either your serial number or your authorization number on hand, follow the instructions on the following BASIS webpage to obtain your serial number and your authorization number - HERE. For a helpful tutorial on how to use the license search tool consult this document.
Evaluation Licenses

These licenses are not intended for testing, training, development, or as a backup license. A one-time use license is available free of charge and is intended for the evaluation of the entire technology suite of BASIS products prior to purchasing a license. Evaluation Licenses are issued for a specific computer and are valid for five (5) users for five (5) days from the date of issuance. Evaluation Licenses may not be renewed.

BASIS continues to offer an annual Development Kit and/or Not-for-Resale licenses at a nominal cost for your development efforts. Backup and disaster recovery licenses are available at a 50% discount and must match the user count of the production license. Licenses for testing are available for varying lengths of time. Rental licenses are also available for defined, limited periods of time. Contact to review your options.

An Evaluation License is available through the installer's wizard page when the appropriate BASIS product (BBj, PRO/5, Visual PRO/5, Barista, or AddonSoftware) is installed from the BASIS product suite download page.

If the evaluation license as defined does not fit your needs, contact to review your options.
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