Cape Cod 
New work from Bobby Baker

22 x 17 Fine Art Print
New Bedford, MA 
© Bobby Baker Fine Art
"Beautifully crafted and elegant photographs...monochrome images soar with crescendos  
that almost let you hear the surf and be swept along with it. ... remarkable photography"
  Shutterbug Magazine 

The Photography  
of Bobby Baker:  
The New Bedford Collection
Meet Bobby Baker Thursday, September 12
and Saturday, September 28 at The Drawing Room, New Bedford, MA
Bobby Baker is one of New England's best coastal photographers. He recently turned his camera lens to focus on New Bedford, capturing a series of black and white images for his New Bedford Collection.
See iconic buildings, streets, and sculptures from Bobby's unique perspective.  
Bobby will be talking about photographing New Bedford, plus the challenges and surprises that come with being a professional fine art photographer. 
Thursday, September 12, 2019 - 7PM
During Bow To Stern Festival - Saturday September 28 - 5PM
Bow To Stern Festival
 The Drawing Room                     
   36 N. Water St. 
New Bedford, MA  02740 USA
Phone:  508-992-3494

Star on The Waterfront
17 x 22 Fine Art Print
New Bedford, MA
© Bobby Baker Fine Art
"Bobby Baker is one of New England's best coastal photographers.  
His artistry really shines as he uses the limitations of black and white 
photography to shoot shadow and light with lasting emotional resonance." 
Providence Journal /  
2019 Cataumet Antique Auto Show

Pierce Arrow
22 x 17 Fine Art Print
Cataumet, Cape Cod
© Bobby Baker Fine Art
2019 Cataumet Antique Auto Show

Heart of an "A"
17 x 22 Fine Art Print
Cataumet, Cape Cod
© Bobby Baker Fine Art
BB Notes:
Every September I look forward to walking the grass at The Cataumet Schoolhouse and enjoying the great examples of classic antique automobiles. This year was no exception, but Hurricane Dorian's remnants forced the event to Sunday instead of the usual early September Saturday. I love capturing the body angles, the grill designs,and elaborate hood ornaments that I see as "auto-art." By next month's newsletter I will have the 2019 show portfolio together and include a link to it for all to see my take on this very cool annual event.
Interesting Fact - A Connection: The Cataumet Schoolhouse was built in 1894 by James West, a local carpenter. It was was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2019. The connection to the Schoolhouse and our home and "art-barn" / Gallery is that our home is the former home of James West the carpenter who built the Cataumet Schoolhouse. The town lists a build date for our home as 1876, however documents provided to us by local historians indicate our home was built closer to 1840. 

" Like leaves vanishing from an autumn tree, each morning
another mooring lay empty, a sure sign that summer has left me..."
I jotted this thought down (in my ever-present iPhone) while walking the    
other morning as I seem to notice each day another boat or two has
been pulled for the season and we are another day closer to the  
cold that is sure to follow. I guess you can tell I live for Summer, and
it goes by all too quickly. Still, September is an outstanding month  
on the Cape and I encourage you to visit if you get the chance.  
The Gallery is OPEN every weekend, we'd love to see you here! 

Visit us at BBG to experience our Cape Cod inspired ART!    
The Gallery is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday  
AND whenever the "OPEN" flag is flying!!  
If you have questions email or call for appointment (508-566-8922)     
Fine Art on Cape Cod  
1403 Route 28A - Cataumet, Cape Cod    
Pocasset Sunday   ©Bobby Baker Fine Art
If you have a special place, or thing, on Cape Cod that you would like to have in your home as a piece of ART, consider a commissioned piece of Bobby Baker Photographic Art.  
In most cases Bobby can visit the Cape location, create, and print the piece, within a day or two. If you are looking for something beyond the abundant souvenir Cape Cod note-card, calendar, or stock images found everywhere on the Cape, consider commissioning something special - ART - to display in your home or office!
Whether rendered in the style of Bobby's award winning iconic black & white work, or his stunning captures of the Cape's lush light and colors, you are sure to have something very special with a BB created piece of ART!
Call (617.901.7808) or Email to discuss the creation of your special, uniquely yours, Cape Cod photographic ART. 
Bobby Baker Gallery - Fine Art on Cape Cod

Got Color?   Thanks for asking!

Occasionally we get asked if Bobby creates any color pieces, or only does Black & White work.  
While his art work is predominately black and white, he has created many color images capturing the amazing hues and light of Cape Cod - from sunsets and sunrises to incredible water vistas and everything in-between!  
Visit the Gallery and see the Black and White world of Bobby Baker...complete with more than just a dash of color!

(Top Image)
At Nauset Beach 11 x 22 Fine Art Print or 23 x 45 AluminArte Print
Orleans,  Cape Cod
©Bobby Baker Fine Art
NOTE: Many of Bobby's pieces are available in custom sizes


Jeff Rutchik | Rachel Avenia | Jeanette Vertentes 

Bobby Baker Gallery
2019 Fall Season

Open Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Any Time You See the "OPEN" Flag!

Visit BobbyBaker.Gallery for Hours
Bobby Baker's art is also represented at the galleries featured below.
These galleries offer an outstanding selection of art from notable artists.
We encourage you to visit these galleries when you are in their areas.

Steve Lyons
studio & gallery

This beautiful Main Street Chatham gallery serves as home base for world renowned artist STEVE LYONS. The working studio and gallery also features the work of several other established artists including fine art photographer BOBBY BAKER as well as a stellar roster of emerging artists. This gallery should be on your "must visit" list for your next trip to Cape Cod.

"Steve Lyons is turning a Cape Cod town into an international must-see art destination"
Art of The Times

463 Main Street - Chatham, Cape Cod, MA

NOTE: Steve just announced some exciting news about his new studio and showcase space in Tribeca, New York City.  He invites all to visit at 7 Franklin Place.
The Beach House

An art gallery as well as a coastal boutique featuring award winning artists including fine art photographers, accomplished oil painters, water colorists, jewelry makers, potters and stained glass artists.

The Beach House Gallery features an exciting selection of BOBBY BAKER fine art prints.

12 High Street - Westerly, Rhode Island

The Drawing Room
The Drawing Room is a carefully curated product and design shop located in New Bedford, Massachusetts. It features original, handcrafted work by New England artists and artisans. Bobby Baker created The New Bedford Collection of fine art prints as a The Drawing  Room exclusive.  
36 N. Water St. - New Bedford, MA 
 Visit Bobby's Website to See More of His Art
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Bobby Baker Gallery

"Wonderful Art Gallery on Cape Cod" 
"Stunning photography
On TripAdvisor
Bobby Baker Gallery is ranked #1
art gallery in Cataumet and surrounding area!
Visit us when on the Cape and see why!

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"Bobby Baker has left an indelible mark on  
the Cape's landscape through his stunning images." 
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