Resources for Mentors in light of Recent Events
Dear BBBS matches,
This is the fourth installment in a weekly series of addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion in our BBBS family. This week, we'd like to focus on answering, "what do we do?"

We welcome your feedback and questions, and we thank you for your time and intentionality!
Past DEI Emails:
  1. Write together: "Where I'm from" to share your individual cultural backgrounds: click here for a framework
  2. Read this (3-4th grade level) children's allegory about the Holocaust to discuss being a bystander vs. an upstander
  3. Learn Spanish or another language together on Duolingo
  4. Play icivic games to help kids learn about how their bills, laws, and representatives work!
  5. Seek books, movies and shows with positive minority representation (See below for trailers for Hidden Figures and The Great Debaters)
  6. Article: How mentors can support ethnic / racial identity in mentees
  7. Read a book together; House of the Scorpion, by Nancy Farmer, is a great 6-7th grade novel with short chapters about dystopian Mexico, and it incorporates some Spanish and lends to some really deep conversations!
  8. Put together a Juneteenth holiday for your match and/or write your representatives about whether you think it should be observed elsewhere!
  9. Cook food together to learn about different places around the world
Click here if you'd like to sign your Little / Child up to be able to talk with some of our Bigs who are police officers, if we arrange an event around this.
Learn about your local community
  1. Check out this data book from the Indiana Youth Institute
  2. Try one of the black-owned Fort Wayne Restaurants
More Resources:

The School-to-Prison Pipeline
Douglas family child-teen singers try to bring positive messaging through beautiful songs

What kind of training do you think would most help your match?
trauma and stress responses
disability resources
relationship / bonding
ages / stages of development; especially teens!
Thank you for all you do, and please don't hesitate to reach out to us at 260-456-1600.
260.456.1600 | www.bbbsnei.org