Resources for Mentors in light of Recent Events
Dear BBBS matches,
This is the third installment in a weekly series of addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion in our BBBS family. This week, we'd like to delve a little into the concept of bias.

We welcome your feedback and questions, and we thank you for your time and intentionality!
Past DEI Emails:
Recognize that we all are susceptible to bias
  1. Explicit bias: the attitudes / beliefs we have about a person or group that we know about: ex. "People in this group tend to be disrespectful"
  2. Implicit bias: when we're not aware that our mind assigns specific qualities to specific people: ex. Imagine the sentence: "The nurse came into the room"...what gender and race was the nurse?
Click here if you'd like to sign your Little / Child up to be able to talk with some of our Bigs who are police officers, if we arrange an event around this.
Be aware of difference so that you can help to close the gap by connecting to new opportunities and building confidence
Privilege / Class / Social inequalities explained in a $100 race
The messages you send, especially as the child reaches his/her teen years, become a permanent part of his/her brain!
More Resources:
Systemic Racism explained
Staff members will be reading "Critical Mentoring" and discussing on Thursday mornings beginning 6/18: you're welcome to join! Reach out and let us know you're interested.
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Support groups for Bigs and Parents
Thank you for all you do, and please don't hesitate to reach out to us at 260-456-1600.
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