Summer 2021

To our friends,

While the hard work continues as we strengthen a community still reeling from the last year, we would be remiss if we didn't pause, reflect, and express our gratitude to be where we are today. A community opening back up means a return to in-person mentoring for our existing Matches, and it means an increased capacity to create new Matches for Littles who have been waiting far too long. And that means everything to the families we serve. 

Our agency has big goals ahead for this year, and we're optimistic that the circumstances in our community will keep moving in a direction that can make it possible. But for today? We're content as we celebrate happy reunions and new beginnings between Bigs and Littles. What a joy it is to have sunny skies, both literally and figuratively!

From all of us at BBBS, we wish you a safe summer!

Sandy Morales
2020 Annual Report
2020 was a year unlike any other. As our program transitioned into helping the Littles and families in our program as they dealt with unexpected hurdles, we continued to serve as a hub to our community, providing resources and support where necessary.

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Meet Big Brother Landry & Little Brother Javonta

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Dane County is pleased to recognize Big Brother Landry Ndahayo as the Volunteer of the Month for June 2021.

Big Brother Landry and Little Brother Javonta have been matched since May of 2019. Like many of the matches at BBBS, Landry and Javonta are starting to see each other more frequently this summer. Landry and Javonta stayed connected through the pandemic by playing video games against one another and talking over the phone. Prior to the pandemic Landry and Javonta participated in many BBBS events such as the Gala, Bowl for Kids' Sake, Skiing at Tyrol, the Holiday party, and going to Noah’s Ark. Landry is determined in helping Javonta understand more about finances as Javonta asks many questions. Landry has recently joined the Gala Committee at BBBS and we are excited to hear more of his ideas on how to make this years Gala the best one yet.

Big Brothers Big Sisters recognizes that staying connected with littles during a pandemic can be very challenging and we are very excited to see Landry and Javonta at a BBBS event very soon.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Dane County is grateful to all of our volunteers who, like Landry, are making a difference one child at a time. Congratulations to Big Brother Landry on being our Big of the Month!

Interested in becoming a Big? Click here to learn more!
Graduating Class of 2021

This year we are honored to announce the Graduating Littles Class of 2021. With 16 Littles graduating high school and our BBBS program, we know these Matches and relationships will continue on for a lifetime. We are excited to see the BIG things these smart and talented individuals will do next.
Congratulations Littles, Class of 2021!
Big Brothers Big Sisters moves 'School Friends' program online

“It’s most important because it shows somebody outside of their family and in their community not only cares but is going to put in the time to get to know them,” BBBS director of philanthropy Casey Kimmel said. “Any time a person makes an effort and is consistent, it gives you a new sense of hope in what you can do.”

Click here to learn more about how we were able to transition our School Friends program during the pandemic to maintain positive mentoring relationships.
This spring, we changed things up and introduced THE HUNT: Bowl for Kids’ Sake 2021! For the entire month of May, community members participated in a county-wide Scavenger Hunt. Thanks to many tremendous fundraisers, we raised over $103,000 for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Dane County to support more Littles in our program who are needing a mentor now more than ever.
Thanks to incredible feedback from our participants, THE HUNT will be returning in 2022! Stay tuned for more information next year.